Ordering Cabo 60 PTSE Parts?

Started by redfish12, March 08, 2023, 11:04:28 PM

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Does anyone know where to order parts for Quantum Cabo reels? I picked one up that was not as described and I need to do some major work. Needs new bail, line roller bearing, bail, rotor, possibly a spool, main bearing, and handle bearings.


Mikes reel repair should have the parts you need.

I know when tackle service handled Quantum parts, a rotor "assembly" included the bail and all the associated parts. Might want to ask.


Thank you! Last time I ordered parts from them you could still do it direct through Quantum. How do you all that do this professionally get parts from them?!


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Gulf Breeze, FL


Thanks, I think the customer service email is going to pan out and they will send me an invoice.

Thanks all for the help! I built out a cart at Mike's but I was a little sticker shocked by the shipping price.