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Started by Finest Kind, March 15, 2023, 04:42:29 PM

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Finest Kind

I just found this site through a link from one of Alan Tani's tutorials. Fantastic site and I am amazed by the amount of knowledge and experience the members have and share. I will be doing a lot more learning than teaching on here. I have always owned and liked PENN reels, they haven't let me down very often, and with a few exceptions, I haven't felt the need to switch to any other brand in a big kind of way.A few years ago I decided to service and restore all my reels as a winter project. I didn't realize I had so many, from Levelmatics, to Senators and a few spinning reels as well. I relied on You Tube as a guide, but invariably I would have a question that I would have to figure out for myself. I've probably rebuilt or serviced 30 or 40 reels at this point, and I like having them in perfect condition and knowing how they function. Like many people, I have probably spent too much money on a couple of reels, but I fish them hard and I enjoy it. I live on LI and mostly fish from a boat although I started out as a surf fisherman way back when. Still have my 704 greenie and it is still a great reel.

Midway Tommy

Love those open face spinning reels! (Especially ABU & ABU/Zebco Cardinals)

Tommy D (ORCA), NE

Favorite Activity? ............... In our boat fishing


Welcome aboard, John!

Best, Fred
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D-A-M Quick, Penn, Mitchell, and ABU/Zebco Cardinals


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Sounds like you'll do just fine here. Welcome aboard.
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There's nothing wrong with a few "F's" on your record....Food, Fun, Flowers, Fishing, Friends, and Fun....to name just a few !


Welcome John from the SoCal Inland Empire! - john


Good work John, nice to here of someone bringing, reels back to life, Welcome from Sunny Western Australia, cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat

Finest Kind

Thank you all! There is a lot of information on here! I am really going to town on these posts. Great reading!


Welcome from Salem va,,,, ;D


Welcome from NJ!  Keep that green 704 fishing!



Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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Bill B

Good to have you here.  Bill
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!


Greetings, John, from Minnesota.