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Started by Bill B, March 21, 2023, 07:15:52 PM

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Bill B

So today while surfing the interwebs I came across the University San Diego website for various cameras in and around California.  I am amazed at the various cameras posted throughout California.  It is advertised as a Fire Camera Lookout system but I see many uses especially as a general weather camera site. 

Right now the site seems a little slow but that could just be, YMMV.  Bill

It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


Thanks Bill. The Hwy 80 webcams for the Tahoe area are pretty good.  Dominick
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Thanks, Bill —-

I put a shortcut to the site on my iPad Homescreen.

Great site!

Best, Fred
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You can also access data from off-shore buoys.  This data can provide info about wind speed and direction, and much more before weather systems come ashore. Type NDBC and you can see data from off-shore stations all over the world.  Sorry, no video, just charts.

Here in hurricane country, I find the info to be better than the local news....which tends to regurgitate old info and superfluous yammering during events. Stuff like idiots with microphones "standing" in 100+mph wind while sheet metal is flying around. As if that's important.   
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Shellbelly - Great resource, I have Dial a Buoy saved in my contacts, along with the site numbers of locations of interest.  It's basically an audio recording of the NOAA info from that site - if you are used to listening to NOAA broadcasts it paints a pretty accurate picture. - john


Quote from: Brewcrafter on March 28, 2023, 05:01:55 AMGreat resource,
For sure.  If you're waiting at the airport in the AM, you can find out what you're in for when you get on the boat in the PM.  Smooth sailing or pucker factor. 
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"You shot it boy, you're gonna clean it and eat it".  (My Dad)