Why not just try it once?

Started by gstours, March 14, 2023, 12:22:51 AM

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 With a few choices more than when I was sixteen it was decided to relive the past and take a chance on testing the Jigmaster on a winter king salmon.    Here,s a short clip of a nice fat salmon.
  There,s almost nothing to put on the charchoal grill,  with an alder or willow branch on the coals.
     Every day is not a pearl.  So remember the ones that are.... :d


Quote from: gstours on March 14, 2023, 12:22:51 AMEvery day is not a pearl.  So remember the ones that are....

Well said!
"Little boy,  you can get glad in the same pants you just got mad in."  (My Momma)
"You shot it boy, you're gonna clean it and eat it".  (My Dad)


Thanks,  Mr Shelly,  one of the things that i can remember doing as a kid was shooting a robin singin on a wire.   Yes i felt bad when the plop in front of me was a lightweight lifeless body.   I did not eat this bird,  cause my parents did not know.   Butt it changed my life forever.   Thanks for reminding me.
  Many of us take food and life with almost no care.....   Use your bait wisely. :al