Cortez Conversions Bling Thread

Started by Maxed Out, March 21, 2023, 08:09:16 PM

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I have several but my all time favorite is this 4/0 YTS courtesy of Ted. His kits use the inner ring that add a little flash, great looking reel. This one the color changes slightly in different light. Thanks to Ted and Tom for making these happen
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Maxed Out

 Ahh yes Sheridan, the pewter is a very unique color. It changes color according to the lighting. In low light it's pitch black. I made 4 of those kits and somehow I ended up selling all 4. I spent several hours polishing each part before anodizing and had all those parts anodized together so they'd all match perfectly. Tom allowed me to buy raw sideplates, and Randy hooked me up with Raw spools from Tiburon. 16 reels total and 5 different colors, 4 of which were pewter.

 Thanks for posting, it brings back good memories
We Must Never Forget Our Veterans....God Bless Them All !!


Got me a set like that too... just need the time to put it all together.  Looking forward to it cause that is smoking ,Sheridan!
Gotta send Ted some pics to post here this Saturday.

Maxed Out

It's nice to see the variety of Cortez customs. Most the inspiration for these builds came from one man, and thanks to him we are living the dream !!
We Must Never Forget Our Veterans....God Bless Them All !!