SF Live bait Halibut trip 5-8-23

Started by CooldadE, May 01, 2023, 12:47:14 AM

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If anyone want to fish for Halibut they better do it soon. They might lower the daily limit.


Excellent report, pictures and fishing day, Gents. Thanks! I'd say, overall you guys really made-out.
Wondering what the Stripers and the But's were after in such shallow water. Get a chance to see any stomach content samples?
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There's a lot of bait in the bay (Anchovies). After we caught our limits of Halibut the Cap looked for birds working bait balls. That's where we got our Stripers. While we fished live bait the Cap was throwing white swimbaits with many hookups... personally I always check the stomach contents when I clean a fish. We paid the deckhand to filet our fish so we didn't have time for the necropsy...

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