May 6th SF Bay Halibut Trip

Started by Crab Pot, May 07, 2023, 03:43:54 AM

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Crab Pot

Been a minute since I've been here on the Tani Boards, finally got a fishing license...

Went out the morning with some of my good buddy's to get in on this Halibut & Striper Chew that's been red hot the past week or so.

All I can say is it's still red hot.

We took 8 Halibut for three anglers and only had about four shakers. Unheard of for Bay fishing.

Couldn't get the Stripers though, just one shaker.

Splashed at a very empty Richmond Marina at 0530 and blasted over to no line at J&P Bait at Pier 47 for half a scoop of quality anchovies with a mix of Herring as well. $35.00 for half a scoop.

From there it was off to the South Bay starting at the Alameda Rockwall where my bud Matt stuck a toad, 36" 27 pounder in the first five minutes. The bucket in the photo is 15 gallons to give you a size idea. The other bucket photo is a 25 incher.

Got pretty slow and it rained like hell. We did our best working ledges and drop offs for nothing.

We decided to fish shallow, 6-12 feet and that is where they were all day.

Just drifting the incoming tide off San Leandro and the Rockwall.

When we got back to the Marina we were greeted by the Fish Cops who said we had the most Halibut they'd seen today, the majority had Stripers. Go figure.

Anyway, other than the rain in the AM it was a great day.
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Stayed out in the ran, great true fisho`s do that,  you were rewarded, nice catch, what gear were you using, any sugestions of your next gear up grade, cheers Don & thanks.
Don, or donnyboat


Nice trip, did they eat the herring?  Great bait fish, used to bd common down here but not so much anymore
Do what you can with that you have where you are

Hardy Boy


Crab Pot

Just 36" bait line and a 20" weight line.

Sliding #6 Snell live bait hook to match the size of the bait and the same size free floating treble hook. 

Nothing fancy, didn't use a flasher either.

Daiwa LEXA-WN 400HS-P and 8' ABVSS Phenix rod.

There were 8 Herring in the half scoop of Anchovies.
Buy it nice or buy it twice.

Jim Fujitani