After market penn drag knobs-a boutique business???

Started by Fishgolfman, May 11, 2023, 01:59:36 AM

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I have a stress cracked 720/722 knob that has never been used. and the stress cracks on these knobs are all relieving directionally outward for the depth of the insert and not downward or diagonally, so I am pretty confidant this is from the internal stress from the brass insert over time.

IMHO, this was a design/manufacturing defect that took a couple decades to manifest, so I don't think we can be too harsh on Penn.

Having said that, I also agree that cranking down on vintage plastic drag knobs and especially storing them cranked down is probably not a good idea.



Quote from: thorhammer on May 12, 2023, 02:18:38 PMTony, that's a great idea!!!!

I thought so too, but no one seems overly impressed haha. 



I think it's a great idea; I'd be interested in 716z, 714z, and 712Z. It's just a question of price...



I have a new 714z spool I can send you, including the hard to find drag knob  :D .  Make any donation you deem fair value for the spool and drag knob to Alan's charity and then PM me your address.



Quote from: Fishgolfman on May 11, 2023, 02:14:01 PMWhile fishing remotely in another country...when knob broke .. guide resorted to a wing nut!! Ugly looking reel but worked till I was back in USA
;D  ;D Good mate of mine had a newish Trinidad of which the handle broke, he did precisely what you did, except that it was ordinary 6 mm straight bolt, but the whole thing was skew as well and looked terrible.
He then fished where the Shimano Rep would see it and embarrassed him to the point where he received a new one eventually :d
This was all good natured!


The only all metal spinning drag knobs I have are on an early '40's M.G. 300(one plastic knob on a '60's 300 is cracked) and a DAM Quick 250 Standard-circa 1952. The Fin-Nor LT 100 comes close, but the bottom pressure unit is prolly graphite composite.
All metal from Tom sounds like a great Idea.

I donated a nice Shimano Torium to that charity several years ago. Asked for a receipt for tax purposes and never got a reply. In fact, couldn't get a response as to whether they ever received it or not...?

 NOT saying at all NOT to donate, maybe some unknown problems were occurring then, but not now.
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