Zangi Delphino Revisted. Another challenge with 60 yr old reel

Started by Fishgolfman, May 11, 2023, 02:39:38 AM

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Got another Delphino that wouldn't turn smoothly and of course the plunger bail lock system was gummed up. The challenge was the rotor was frozen on as brass rotor nut would not turn. Soaking and heat worked but the pinion gear would turn. Midway Tommy in some thread showed a small vise grip to hold the gear. I used a 3M pad and viola. Nut was removed! Plunger problem was also solved but in another future thread dedicated to Zangi plunger system. The culprit of not turning well was the main gear shaft of rust and greasey wax. Buffing with steel wool got reel cranking smooth. You can see minor pitting on shaft. Reel oil not grease should keep reel cranking well.


Nice work, makes me want to dig through my tote of
someday" reels and did one out to tinker with.


I love those Zangi Delphinos especially those not working. Its like solving a puzzle!! Will always take them on!!


Yeah, "nice work". A reel on my someday list. Just godda see one priced right. Looks like you made GOOD use of an officious looking and possibly Government document.
Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!


Using medicare and irs paper for lining greasy messes!!