WHAT Brand of Thread is this??? May 2023

Started by El Pescador, May 14, 2023, 01:25:22 PM

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El Pescador

I received an email from Don in Western AU, asking me to post these photos with his question, WHAT BRAND OF

THREAD IS THIS????????  And how does he get some!!!!!

Hi Wayne,

I had these 2 split cane rods given to me, a couple of the connections are loose, & 1 tip is broken.

But there is a spare tip for each rod, I would like to get some of that thread if anyone can point me in the right direction.

If you could place it on the forum for me, maybe in the trout rod area,

Keep well, cheers!!!!

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Great Wayne & thanks again young man, I had these two rods given to me, One has a broken tip, but both rods have a spare tip each, I cant read the stickers on either of them, could anyone tell me what make they are, some one painted the case they are in, & nothing written on the inside, they both have some couplings that are coming apart, but I should be able to fix them, the reel is an Angler Scout 8-80 if that helps, I also have another split cane rod that, I have to re wrap, with the same thread, if I can find some, thats were you good people come in, with all your good info, I have an old pflueger Temco free spool, surf casting reel I want to place on one of them, the Temco has the leather thumb thingo, for a drag, they should look good, cheers Don. thanks again Wayne.
Don, or donnyboat


Just a guess but I think the thread is Gudebrod.
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pretty sure rods & thread are
generic Japanese from late 50's / 60's
sold under many, many brands

pretty sure there's modern thread for that look ("Tiger"???)
mentioned somewhere on AT couple/few years back


Could be gudebrod, national or Holland. If it was made in Japan hard to say. I'm sure it's faded over time so getting a perfect match will be hard. The size thread will be important too so the tiger effect will match. Hard to tell from the picture what size it is, I would think A or AA
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Jim Fujitani

Back in the late 70's early 80's, I hand rewrapped a few rods.  I always used Gudebrod back then.  The thread was called Variegated (multi colored/multi strand), and comes in different sets of colors (I used black and green, black and cream, and orange and black).  If you keep the thread under consistant pressure and don't twist the spool, you get a consistant color variation wrap.  If you vary the pressure, the wrap looks funky.   


Looks like this?  Gudebrod. nylon size E.  Sportsman Direct calls it Classic Twist, Yellow/Black.  I couldn't "select" it for purchase, though.  May be difficult to find.
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If it were mine I would get a spool of the closet color Pro Wrap from Mudhole and rewrap the entire rod. That way it will look uniform and still look really close to original.
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The heavy-duty rod butt, with the rounded rubber end-cap and the groves cut in the handle wood, make it look kinda Montague - like.
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I'm with Tommy, rewrap would look the best
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gee you blokes think I have plenty of free time, but I do agree, a full re wrap would be the best way to go, cheers Don,
Don, or donnyboat


Quote from: Donnyboat on May 15, 2023, 12:30:34 PMgee you blokes think I have plenty of free time
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