Repair of a Abu Garcia Ultra Mag XL PLUS

Started by flounderdaddy, May 18, 2023, 03:02:06 AM

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I am cleaning and repairing my Abu Garcia Ultra Mag XL PLUS fishing reel.  On the left side of the spool there are four washers, #975386. There are two of the on either side of a bearing.  I have the bearing but not the washers and to my knowledge the washers are no longer available anywhere.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best substitute?  Thanks.  Flounderdaddy


Do you mean the mag side or handle side? Mine doesn't have any washers there unless they're under the bearing inside the spool.
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they look like flat washers used to shim the bearing.  the inside diameter of the washer would be the same as the spool shaft.  the outside diameter and thickness would probably vary somewhere between 0.1 to 0.3mm.  a google search should start you in the proper direction.  alternatively, if the reel works without the shims, then try without and see how you do.  if you can measure the spool shaft (probably 3mm), then check here.
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Thanks.  I have ordered the stainless steel washers.  It is a good reel that got put away dirty several years ago, but is slowly being returned to usefullness. 



Interested to see if those ss washers work-out. I have one of these. Had to buy a well used 2nd one to get some spare parts. The Ereplacement parts reference from Allen, makes 'em look look like bronze. Can measure mine if you need it.
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The probably are brass, but stainless steel is always better. 
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