Need Advice On Shimano One-Way Clutch For Sedona 2500FB/2500FC & Solstace 2500FI

Started by Walleye Guy, May 20, 2023, 02:30:08 AM

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Walleye Guy

I recently picked up about (8) used Shimano spinning reels (Sedona 2500FB, Sedona 2500FC, Solstace 2500FI and others) for my nephews because we're going to Canada in June and the kids needed some good reels.  The price was right and they appear to be in decent shape.  A few of them feel a little bit rough but function fine so I was going to go through them and add oil, grease, etc as needed.  I printed the schematics and noticed the one-way clutches.  I have repaired reels for a long time but haven't gotten into one of these yet.  I did some reading on this website and saw a few posts stating "do not grease" these clutches.  Does that apply to my reels or just to the larger ones in the posts (I think they were larger saltwater models)?  Do the clutches get oil instead of grease?  Or should I just leave it alone and walk away?  I'm hoping someone out there can tell me the proper procedure.  Thanks in advance for any advice!

Walleye Guy

Forgive me, but as soon as I clicked "Post" I immediately saw this sticky at the top of the list.

Due to time constraints I don't plan on doing a deep dive into these reels but I'd still like to know if I need to add any lubrication to the clutch or just walk away if it's functioning fine.


Any machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.


I leave them dry. Clean them with a cotton swab and let them be. That's me.


Specialist Daiwa reel service, including Magseal.


for F/W -- clean & dry; for S/W -- thin as possible, oily rag, etc.
surface-treat the metal, rather than lube the mechanism...

some older/better ones could be flushed w/ acetone, unopened
even if modern/cheaper ones have "-ketone-melty" plastic inside,
you can still wash it whole & final rinse w/ something pref. zero-residue -- alcohol, distilled water, etc.

Walleye Guy

Thank-you to everyone thus far for responding.

I worked on the mower today and ran out of time so I didn't get into the reels yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

Philaroman, what is F/W and S/W?


Do what you can with that you have where you are


I'm just a hacker, not an actual reel mechanic, but my buddy thinks I'm a reel jedi for having restored the antireverse on his Quantum baitcaster by getting the excess oil out of the roller clutch.


I had a Shimano Baitrunner 4000 OC on my bench once. Corrosion in the anti-reverse. Polished it as good as I could, reassembled dry, reel felt disgusting. Lightly oiled it, still felt like a pepper mill.
Customer was on a budget and didn't want to buy a one-way assembly so I bit the bullet and greased it. Reel suddenly felt fine, and still had anti-reverse up to any level of drag a sane person would use on that reel. Not saying I would do it every time but it didn't seem to be the end of the world.

Walleye Guy

Update: I went through the first two reels the other night and they were clean inside so I simply removed the clutch assembly and reinstalled it (ie didn't do anything to it).  Hopefully the next few reels will be just as clean inside.  One feels a little rough, so if it has sand in it can anyone recommend a cleaning procedure?  Can I spray it out with brake cleaner or flush with clean solvent (I have a solvent tank with a filter)?