Quick pic at Spey casting class

Started by CI_Seawolf, May 23, 2023, 02:55:37 AM

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Here's a pic of me being instructed at a Spey fishing clinic on the Sacramento.  This was in the fall of 2020
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Its really popular up here in BC on the big rivers. I've never tried it but I have buddies that fish it.



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Don't know where you live, BUTT...

There is an annual Spey Casting 3-day clinic in Golden Gate Park, on the west end of San Francisco.

Check it out:


I attend this function in 2012 with my sons and a couple of fishing buddies, man it make for a great day.

What got my attention was many of the Spey Flycasters were casting EASILY to 150 feet. WOW!!!  Try THAT with a single-hand fly rod!!!! :o

Check out these Spey Casting Distance Records:


215 feet to 252 feet LONG CASTS!!!  Try throwing a fly line loop that far - Seriously that is impressive.

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Yeah, looks like something really hard to master, but well worth it. Must be the best way to fly-fish for Salmon and Steelhead on big ol' rivers.
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Quote from: Gfish on May 23, 2023, 04:01:08 PMYeah, looks like something really hard to master, but well worth it. Must be the best way to fly-fish for Salmon and Steelhead on big ol' rivers.

I wouldn't say best, but sometimes more effective. It really is a specialized tool, and for some folk a quasi-religious experience :) Nowadays, some river lodge locations pretty much mandate spey outfits.

Some other benefits:  a long cast without much clearance on the backcast, which is always nice for fishing in rivers and streams.  Plus more height to muck with the mends on moving water.

I never could get myself too enthused about any of the two-hand casting styles.  You can't make that accurate pin-point cast, can't effectively cast from a boat, and the fun really stops for me once you hook something. Just trading off too much of things that I like about fly fishing to be able to do what is more or less a long distance roll cast. One caveat is that shorter two-hand overheaders can be a workaround for folks with shoulder or elbow issues.  They really take a load off.

I have only three or four two handers at this point (all over-headers- I'm a salty fisher), and all mostly just collect dust.  Maybe if I spent more time on wide rivers chasing salmon and steelhead, but it would be grudgingly.  They ain't gonna make me a convert :)   



I steelhead fish on the Trinity once in a while.  My wife and I are going to drive the Alaska highway in the next couple of years.  I want to cover a lot of different options as far as fishing.  Spey fishing is slower, you don't cover as much water, but hooking up on one of those long rods would be fun.
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