Shakespeare 2200 and 2205 II- General info and schematic

Started by Fishgolfman, May 24, 2023, 12:01:07 PM

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Redoing a 2200. The anti reverse gear tooth and anti reverse worn. Looking for schematic to see if I can get a part number.  The 2205 II has a broken bail spring, does the 2200 0r 221) work as a substitute. Both reels are cosmetically excellent, no need to make it a completed parted out reel


at least one, or both, are Omori OEM -- many rebranded duplicates w/ different paintjobs
grey/blue Pflueger; gold Compac; gold Diamond...  not sure exact models for 2205 size
finding a parts reel is prob cheaper than specific parts -- especially, Diamond or Compac


Checked prices on ebay for Compac and Diamond...cost more than Shakespeare! Will wait it out for a donor reel. BTW 2205 II bail spring from 2200/2210 work?


The bail spring in 2205 II is 3/8 diameter while 2200/2210 is 1/4 inch!