Penn 146 Squidder Custom

Started by pompano joe, May 25, 2023, 03:03:21 AM

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pompano joe

It all started when Capt. Gene Mader let me buy this Squidder Jr.  It's was a left-over from his shop in Long Beach years ago.  Every thing else was just hanging around the shop. 

When I saw the Penn Torque II silver knob, I knew I had to make that work.  The reel already had a bonus steel main gear and a Newell spool, so I added fresh bearings and an Ultimate Upgrades 5+1 drag stack and called it a night.  Still looking for my Newell bars to finish it off.IMG_0008.jpegIMG_0005.jpegIMG_9995.jpeg   
Pompano Joe


A Tiburon frame would be great too. I put one on mine years ago before I sold it.
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Nice reel, I like that star
Cortez conversions makes a nice aluminum base for that reel, pro challenger has some good bars if you can't find the Newell ones you're looking for
Clean reel!
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Very nice! A 146 squidder is on my to do list. Yours came out very clean.
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Nice! Echo Sheridan. I'm very happy with my PC bar set and narrow base (Ted's).

Maxed Out

 Very nice Joe. Love them old school squidders !!
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pompano joe

Thanks guys!  Alway appreciate this group's suggestions and encouragement!
Pompano Joe


Beautiful Junior, Joe!

I love all of the 3 sizes of Squidders —- they are very well made and useful Penns.

Hard to improve much more on that 146 you have.  Just a solid frame, solid bars, and if going with bars —- a better stand and clamp.

Best, Fred
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