Quantum Smoke 25 spinning reel clutch cap

Started by cslater13, May 24, 2015, 07:59:29 PM

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I am in the process of breaking down my Quantum Smoke 25 spinning reel and I have hit a screeching halt trying to get the last few bearings out along with the clutch and pinion gear. There is a cap on the top which on the exploded view that cap does come off and I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Please, please help.

Maybe this second picture helps, sorry if I posted in the wrong section.


crud.... sometimes they are pressed in, sometimes there is a retaining ring.  i've never had one of these apart before.  anybody else?   :-\
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I did an Exo30 just the other day and it was threaded on, normal RH  thread I think it was. Can you see the end of a thread on the body, the photo is a bit dark. Maybe try some heat in case they have loctited it on,but the Exo cap came off fairly easily.
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I got it! It was threaded and after I finally put a thin towel over it my vise grips could grab it without hurting it and it unscrewed. I have learned since breaking this reel down that Quantum doesn't play when it comes to tightening screws, most of these have taken a tremendous amount of effort to remove without damaging things or stripping out the heads. Thanks for your fast response though Alan.


Instead of using mechanical aids like vice grips and the like on Aluminium parts I would say use a rubber glove or that rubber matting to aid natural grip. Most of the time these parts are just snugged on.

Last thing you want to do is go distorting the aluminium.  :-\


Ohh, thanks reelclean. I just saw your response and you actually beat me. I tried to unscrew it numerous times by hand and once w/ channel locks but for some reason I never put something over the cap to protect it so I could actually put pressure behind it like an idiot. Thank you for trying to help and maybe helping someone in the future.


We're you able to get the clutch assembly and pinion gear out? I got to about the same spot and got hung up myself. After screwing the cap off, I took everything out minus the pinion gear and clutch assembly and can't for the life of me figure out how to get them out.


You can buy the spanner tool from Quantum. That's what I use. I also use plastic jawed pliers for many other uses. They come in real handy. Anything that has an anodized finish can be loosened and tightened with plastic jawed pliers.

The pinion gear lifts out with the bearings attached.

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