hoochie on diamond jig

Started by jlezama, May 01, 2013, 08:02:45 AM

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Hi Guys
            I have been entertaining this idea for a while since I saw this picture in one of my tackle browsing days...

            And I thought it might be good idea to try to recreate and possibly spice up the design of a hoochie trailer behind a diamond jig. Seeing so many fish spitting out octopus in the past made me wonder if it could be good to make a regular diamond jig (or other irons) look like a fleeing octopus or squid by adding this trailer hoochie to it.
            So after thinking a bit and finding time to draw it this is what I came up with

            The added beads and single sleeve crimp are to keep the body of the squid and stop it from sliding freely all the way down to the treble. The completed rig is attached to a diamond jig or any other jig with a "fat" body
            Seeing so many under water videos and how ambush predators attack from the back when the bait "flees" , made me think a good way to fish this would be to let it sink and lay out in the bottom and jig it hopefully getting a strike on the rise.
             The length of the mono line will depend of course on the size of the hoochie but I am thinking 4-5 inches.
             I wanted to hear your opinions on this, my intention is to target lingcod or cabezons, but I think it could potentially work with other species like grouper and such...
            Looking forward to hear from you


for rock cod jigs locally, i use a 1/0 bronze mustat treble hook.  the number 1's break.  the 2/0's are so strong the line breaks.  the 1/0's are perfect because they bend out, and then you can bend them back. 
send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!


Hi Alan
Yeah, with such rocky structure it definitely helps, found it the hard way with the AHI diamonds that have a 4X strong mustad and damn sure enough they went to davy jones locker... So yes putting bronce trebles is a great tip


I think your hoochie setup will work fine. The concept has been around for a very long time. When I was young we used to tie a multi-slit yellow or white balloon onto the hook - I guess sort of a poor-kids hoochie. The iron would get more rockfish hits this way, where previously mostly lings. We ran this below a multi-hook rockfish rig. I've also experimented with many variations on large twister tail/single hook rigs on the diamond or hex jig. On the right day, they all work...

I get the idea behind your trailer. That said, going longer could induce more snags if you're bouncing the bottom and with the heavy test you'll lose it all. If that's not a concern you could also run a lighter multi-strand wire leader (lots cheaper than the heavy mono + crimps).

Good luck and let us know how it works!


Sorry, posted before Alan's great tip on the bronze hooks...


Thanks fot your reply! Yeah snagging could be a big problem, but the broze trebles I am sure will increase the "recovery rate". It will take a lot of trial an error, and see how it fishes but we will see. Just thought about the mono beacuse its abililty to "kink" and go back compared to wire, which once it kinks might break more easier. Will post pics once I have the first "prototype"


In the N.E. we have been using something like that for years for Cod, Pollack & Haddock. I rig mine from bottom of Jig - Split Ring - 175# Swivel - Split Ring - Treble. Squid Skirt goes between 1st Split Ring & Swivel.

We use 5/0 & larger trebles. I like the Owner Trebles.
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Bryan Young

This is something that I have made last season.

:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


Hi Bryan
             You hit the nail right in the head. This is perhaps actually what  they did on the pic I posted first, but without the hassle of crimping as I thought it was done. I will give it a try as well if you dont mind. One question, are you using the "spacer tube" to stop the hoochie going down as I put the beads for?
              I will PM you later about going fishing I am definitely game for it,  probably from monterrey since believe it or not, havent fished from there....
anybody else would like to join us? date TBD but happening in the next two weeks at the most.