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Started by alantani, March 18, 2009, 07:00:24 PM

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QuoteGood morning, Alan.  This week I plan to install the B-260/Furuno Transducer in my 258. I would love to see what you did before I start. I have some options 1. Mid Ship and 2. The Aft Battery compartment. I would prefer the battery compartment but I am concerned about interrupting the flow to the engines and props especially while turning. Any photos you have would be appreciated. Regards, Ed

hi, ed!  the faring block is 21 inches long and holds a 1 kw transducer.  there is a 1 inch hole in the hull to hold the tranducer itself, then a single bolt through the hull that screws through from the forward end of the faring block.  looks like there is plenty of 5200 gooped on as well.  the widest part of the faring block is 22.75 inches from starboard, the rear of the faring block is 15 inches from the transom.  here are some photos.

hope this helps.  alan
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