Team Daiwa Advantage 153HSTLA from Dan !!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by alantani, April 10, 2010, 03:10:00 AM

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Quote from: Dan on April 09, 2010, 10:39:24 PM
I replaced the drag washers on a friends TDA 153hstla over a beer this evening so I took the opportunity to take some pictures. I'm sorry in advance for the sloppy service. Things like servicing the spool bearings is not covered here, the reel wasn't completely stripped and cleaned either since it looked good. Next time!

Ok lets get started!

Schematics can be found here:

Remove the handle nut screw (key #68).

Remove the handle nut plate (#67)

Using a 10mm wrench remove the handle nut (#66). Note this is reverse threaded! Turn clockwise to remove.

Remove the handle collar (#59)

Remove the handle

Unscrew the star drag (#58, clockwise still) ..

.. and remove it.

Remove key #54-57 as a unit

Remove the bearing washer (#53)

The removed parts so far lined up.

Lets remove the sideplate. Start with the three screws (2 x #69, #70).

Note the screw to the left  (#70) is longer than the two other.

Loosen the left side plate screw (#3). Just unscrew it enough so that it's free, no need to remove it from the side plate.

Remove the left side plate (#1) assembly

Remove the ball bearing D (#52)

Remove the gear shaft collar (#51)

Looks pretty good, maybe a bit "dry" in places.

Remove the drive gear assembly as a unit (#45-50)

Remove the yoke, yoke spring and pinion gear (#31-33).  This is not really needed. But I wanted to wipe them down and grease them up.

Ok, lets start with the drag washer replacement! From left to right: Key #50, #49, #46(1), #47(1), #48, #47(2), #46(2), #45

New Carbontex drags from Dawn at Smooth Drag. Great service and quick delivery as usual :)

Grease the drags using drag grease.

Clean the drive gear (#45) and give it a light coating with drag grease.

replace one eared washer (#46). Cleaned of course!

Carbontex washer

Key washer A (#48)

Carbontex washer then Eared washer (#46)

The last carbontex washer (the one with the smalles inner diameter) and Key washer B (#50)

Mmmm, grease...

Grease the drive shaft (#26)

Lets replace the drive gear assembly.

Grease the underside of the drive gear A (#45). Notice the 3 holes and the 3 matchig studs in drive gear B (#44). Make sure they line up and interlock.

Give the top of the assembly a coat of drag grease. Doesn't really matter what grease it is up here but I try to avoid mixing different lubricants, and where it can eter the break assembly I try to stick with drag grease.

A little on the sliders for the yoke. Could probably just as well use grease here, but I choose oil so that it will slide more easily. Grease has a tendency to be a bit too "hard" here during the winter months.

Clean, and re-grease the yoke and pinion gear. Replace them.

Replace the yoke springs. It's hard to see here. But I've also greased the drive gear with an even, thin coat.

Replace the gear shaft collar (#51)

Replace the left side plate (#1). Make sure the left side plate screw A (#3) line up with the hole in the right side plate and that the pinion shaft (#8) lines up with the hole in the pinion gear.

Clean, lube and replace the ball bearing D (#52)

Grease and replace the two #69 and the #70 left side plate screws.

Make sure the drive shaft (#26) still has a nice coat of grease.

Replace the ball bearing washer (#53)

Replace the click leaf spring assembly (#54-55) and grease them.

Replace the two drag spring washers (#56)

And the spacing sleve (#57)

Grease the inside of the star drag (#58)

And screw it back in place (counter clockwise).

Replace the handle collar (#59)

Grease the handle on both sides of the drive shaft hole.

Replace the handle nut and tighten it by hand

Replace the handle nut plate (#67), make sure it's properly greased where it sits on the handle. Now take the 10mm wrench and tighten it until the holes for the handle nut screw lines up..

Like this!

Replace the screw

Wipe of exess grease.

And we're done!

Now, if you want to do a spool bearing service, that's easy. Just loosen the left side plate screw a (#3). Then the right side plate (#74) can be twisted clock wise like this:

And removed.

Hope that helps :)

send me an email at for questions!


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