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Started by Bryan Young, February 01, 2014, 09:09:08 AM

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I'm unhappy to report that my Truth LG #0132 is having the same issues that others here are having. It would lose drag (no, the line was not slipping on the spool) and then it would screech. With the first few uses I thought it was user error after all the rave reviews so I sent it back (add $42 to the reel price) and after a month or so with no correspondence I called and was told "it will go out tomorrow". Five days later it came back. The screech was gone but the drag would still intermittently just go away, regardless of where the lever is, part or full drag. Besides the slip, cranking a grunt can sometimes feel like a big mutton.
I am hesitant to return my essentially new reel a second time on my dime to sit on a bench and maybe get a look. I will check out the Accurates.


Why can't I see the pictures of this tutorial?


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Quote from: tosserlures on January 01, 2016, 06:24:43 AM
Made the brass spacer tube today & fitted. While better, the reel still can't handle more than 15lb drag. Haven't got the pinion bearing yet, so there is still hope.

The new pinion bearings are here & time to go fishing. Will fit tomorrow & see if it fixes the "hard to turn on full drag "problem.