Started by sharkman, January 08, 2016, 02:21:43 AM

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Recently pick this reel up at yard sale. I would like to fish it but don't want to mess up if reel is collectable. The reel is not show quality but is in good shape and functions perfectly. Does anyone know specs on reel like line capacity and drag.


You might try doing a search on Luxor 100/No. 1/Model A, as those sizes are what yours appears to be...I am familiar w/the larger 200-300 size Luxors, and if the smaller ones are any similar they are not worth much as a collectible unless NIB condition...Nice to collect/fish for nostalgia reasons though...Drags were surprisingly strong given they only used a single felt-type washer and one metal washer...Careful with the sideplate screws, they are made of an extremely soft metal and the threads are of a size hard to match if stripped...I used a hollow-ground screwdriver and only my fingers to turn the handle when tightening those screws..

Looking closer it's definitely a Model A..


Way old topic but a good one.  My Dad and I each had a Luxor 3 Mer back in the late 50s.  Massive reels, built like Panzer tanks and weighed as much, caught literally a ton of fish with 'em, loaded with 20# mono and 50# shock leaders.  We took off the "auto bail" and used them manually, both reels got hose clamped onto one piece 10' Lamiglas rods we made from blanks.  Ah, the good ol' dayze .....
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That's a classic combo for sure.


I gotta find one of those just to befuddle the guys on the pier I fish, if the Mitchells and DAM Quicks haven't already got their heads spinning.


Search around on here and you'll find some of Sal's work on these. I remember he bored out the drag pocket and put a bigger drag.