Penn Reel service Inte 50 TW and newer?

Started by rebait1, August 21, 2022, 08:55:21 PM

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My friends need to have 5+ older Penn 50 Wide two speeds serviced. And may some newer. Do you perform Penn service there anymore?
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Hi Rebait, Mo may not have checked in lately, but Alan, Penn itself (Tony, the service manager of Penn, is active here), or others could prolly do this service. I suggest repost in the Penn International section.




No, I don't get in here often, that's why I have the pinned post about contacting us on our website.

We do Penn's warranty repairs on the rare occasion that one contacts us.

No regular repairs as mail-ins, just local drop off and pickup.

Sorry I haven't been on lately~

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I think Fisherman's Headquarters in Surf City on LBI (I'm assuming BH NJ is "Beach Haven New Jersey" is a Penn Factory Authorized Servicer.