Help me figure out what main and pinion gears go with these reels

Started by agdodge4x4, May 22, 2023, 02:23:34 AM

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I am beating my head against the wall trying to solve a gritty gear feeling on a Royal Express (0203).  I bought new pinion gear and main gear on ebay. 

The existing pinion gear is 12 teeth.  Main gear is 63.  This is a 6.3:1 reel. So that doesn't make sense but it at least reels.

The schematics call for 21274 and 21273.  I ordered those.  The new pinion is 10 teeth, main gear is 63, but the new one doesn't have a 'raised boss' on the back of the main gear.  This set does not mesh and when assembled and cannot be used. 

So, I looked at the C4 and C5 schematics and they each are exactly the same ratio but call for yet different part numbers.  3 6.3 reels, three sets of part numbers.

What the hell is going on?  How do I make sure I order the right parts?  The Royal express reel does not have any available parts. 


Communicate with the seller, make him prove to you it is the correct part first with more photos.  I find that the parts measured by a caliper in the photo helps.  Check the net for used tackle guys or repair shops that may work with the obsolete brand.  I've had good luck here, on the ORCA site. and an outfit called The Fisher-Man in Deland FL.  When talking to these folks ask for referrals. most will try to help.  The chase is on.
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Quote from: agdodge4x4 on May 22, 2023, 02:23:34 AMWhat the hell is going on? 
I'm numb to the pain you're going through!  Got so frustrated that I had to reassemble as-is and shelve the reels for a while.

Cuttyhunker is right.  You gotta have a resource who knows your reel and will work with you.  Not one who just sells some parts and pushes bearing upgrades.

It appeared to me that when Abu discontinued models, they didn't discontinue ALL of their parts.  Instead, part "A" was re-used in the later model and renamed part "B".  Then there's the instance where the new part "C" can be retrofitted into the place of discontinued part "A".  Abu does not always make it easy to repair your "older" reels. 

When I came to the conclusion that I would have to start stocking older models for their parts, I slowed down to think about it.  Prices are prohibitive unless these are your primary go-to reels for 90% of your fishing IMO.  For me, and all the sand I fish in, they are not that reel. 

In my fishing, Abu's are fantastic "specialty" tools for certain situations, tackle, and targets.  I enjoy the reels and look for reasons to use them, but they don't enjoy my environment.  A few grains of sand can shut them down...and send me into the abyss you are in now.
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