SOA 3-day, July 5-8, 2024

Started by alantani, January 06, 2024, 11:04:41 PM

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This will be the second of two bluefin trips on the spirit of adventure.  the guys on the july trip last year had first crack at spots for this year. the trip will run with 24 again.  the total cost for the boat alone is $34,500, not including tip, fuel surcharges, licenses or processing.  divided 24 ways, the cost for the boat alone is $1,437.  adding a 17% tip comes out to $1680, so that is what i will be charging for this trip.

i will need deposit checks of $840 from everyone and will be sending in deposits to the SOA office as soon as i get checks from everyone,.  thanks!  alan

1. Alan Tani - Saratoga, CA (deposit)

2. Warren Hamachi - Culver City, CA (deposit)

3. Juan Lezama - Pacifica, CA

4. Wai Jung - Carlsbad, CA (deposit)

5. PJ Stevko -Three Rivers, CA (paid in full)

6. Jeff Stokes - San Jose, CA (paid in full)

7. Steve Banks - San Bruno, CA (deposit)

8. Tracy Wong - Santa Clara, CA (paid in full)

9. Brett Lawson - Millbrae, CA (deposit)

10. Nikola Pang - Fresno, CA (deposit)

11. Mati Matatyaou - Santa Clara, CA (deposit)

12. David Hall - San Jose, CA (paid in full)

13. Tom Ryugo - San Francisco, CA (deposit)

14. Dave Grayson - Escondido, CA (deposit)

15. Nelson Owyang - Belmont, CA (paid in full)

16. Pete Mateo (deposit)

17. Rami Amrou - Richmond, CA (deposit)

18. Vu Nguyen (deposit)

19. Serine Yamout - Richmond, CA (deposit)

20. Wayne Skicki - Cupertino, CA (paid in full)

21. Jimmy Shimizu - Richmond, CA (paid in full)

22. Gary Truong, CA (deposit)

23. Todd English - Boise, Idaho (deposit)

24. Craig Torda - Hayward, CA

Wait list

24. Dat Nguyen

245 Tom Cummings - Santa Cruz, CA

26. Dylan Derr - Martinez, CA

27.  Steve Bisogni

send me an email at for questions!


Alan just a reminder that I paid in full....

Is Juan not on the trip?


Quote from: pjstevko on January 07, 2024, 12:18:52 AMAlan just a reminder that I paid in full....

Is Juan not on the trip?

oops, yes, you did!!!  i'll send another message out to juan.
send me an email at for questions!


Just a friendly reminder to book your same day fish processing appointment now so you're not worried about it later!


Hi Alan
You should have received my check for full payment already.  Can you confirm?