Some Fun we hade in Alaska Part 7...

Started by gstours, February 06, 2024, 12:50:49 AM

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Part 7 of some of the Adventures with my friend Ken.  The headcam does what it does.   
Forum  71-80.

  71.    4.8 min.   Halibut fishing on the Maiko with Ken.   We pick up a keeper Hali and Ken does a perfect harpoon job.    Using a head mount camera and a combo type tool, hook remover/rope threader is shown with a test fish.   A stinger hook is usually used behind the larger circle hook on our bait rigs,  and is quite effective as shown... Sometimes the weather changes quickly and its overhead as probably some wind and rain coming in an hour.
   Butt that's ok.    We got what the ocean wanted to give us by being patient.   We used to say,  "there,s always next time"   Soon I would know better......

  72.    19 min.   How changes are made.   Heres a good example of Luck.   On the Maiko Ken was fishing one day when a good fish was thought to be had.   The Beastmaster 12 v reel was shown here as a good tool for bait fishing bottom fish.   This Rakaru mode is a good feature of this reel, adjusting to crank in line only when it senses it slack enough,  not cranking all the time like most elect reels with no brain.... So we get the fish up and see enough to say its too big for us to want to take home.
  We want to measure it in comparison of the harpoon which is 6 ft long.
    While we are dealing with this fish on Kens Starboard side,  his rod bends as to have a fish on as well.   We keep his second fish of the day and eventually release the sulking 12v. Big Mama.
   We alsays had fun,  and complimented each other.   Fishing was fun every day..........

   73.       !0.2 min.   Ken and I are fishing for halibuts again anchored on a slope with  gravel bottom.   We had a few fish biting and we hook a little better one so I put the cam on my head and helped out.   We get the fish secured and you can see a messy boat butt a fun boat with fish to clean/vac/pak.    Every day is a new day to live and fish.....

   74.   6.2 min.   We fish halibuts with some spinner bait rigs on the bottom on a sunny calm day on the Maiko.   The reel used here is a Penn 113h doubledogged in a narrow J Variance frame.  Using a hex cf drag of my build,  it was no contest for this fish.  Ken assists with a double shove as the harpoon head hit some bony resistance,  At min. 4;48 in the clip you should see another variation of improving the effectiveness of the harpoon head in the "ears" adding length and some flair to prevent the pull out/back as some heads can/have done.   Ken was always fun to have on the boat as he assisted every aspect of the trip.    Thanks Ken............

   9.7 min.    The Game......  As many people have preferences, we were like this, Ken preferred country/ western music to my early rock n roll gendre that we grew up with     My boat had a XM receiver and a music system with a CD player of my design.    That said after lots of ribbing and WTF is that S....T.   I wanted Ken to have the same music experience while out fishing all day on my boat.    So the skipper would default to a choice of music and when like a bet on the first fish,  the next  person could change the CDs or XM station to their liking if their fish was larger .....  Hence how we had fun together and fished harder to get the music changed to a better fish....
  We always teamed up to help each other and it cut down the time that was lost in a day as at time was ticking.....   Sit in your chair and watch,   all comments welcome....

  77.     A short clip of halibut fishing on the old Maiko.   Here is the use of a small electric reel with the head mount cam and the calmness of the happy tide.   It was found the 12v reel was capable in taking these fish to the boat but not really accepted by most folks.   It was fun to try these new fangled things as kinda a show n tell.   You only go around once......   Take your pick.....   

   8 min.  When bait is used was the preference in my early days of sport fishing.   Sometimes the better fish would be taken on bait rigs,  butt not always.   Here,s a grey day using the remod china clone reel,  the fish was welcome as it might have been the only one we got that day?    Ken shows a perfect hit with the harpoon and the anti-wrister gaff hook in a sea trial.   The bait rig here has a led light above and started to be my default set-up.    Its always fun to send something some food down ti the seafloor and see whats down there. 

    8min.  An early clip of our friendship.  As said earlier in these post comments we both fished halibut with bait by default,  and as usually happens we find techniques that sometimes make us feel like we learned something.
  Oar was it just a coincidence or just plain luck?   Anyway Ken harpoons our fish and uses my early generation "no twist" gaff,   The Berkley led light eventually got a lot of use on my bait rigs.  Ken said it was just lucky,  or a dumb fish.   We always had had fun.....

  80.     9.3 min.  Another sunny southeast flat water day,  right?  Lets go fishing somewhere, right??    So we do on the old Maiko,  and with the seasonal predicted small tides Ken and myself settle in on a spot that we agree on and anchor the boat and fish for halibuts using baits of salmon scraps with the hook covered with a herring....  This editing was of the old Go Pro original  l version,  it could enhance colors like on tv.   Here,  we film and release after my "oh no problem, " easy peesy attempt using a gaff as a tool,  this fairly tamed down large halibut.  The head mount cam makes for shakey filming butt its better than nothing.   I,m glad to say that Ken caught this fish twice.   Clock blip shown its 10 o clock,  How about we have coffee, and lets get that Ken smile again.??????    Wish you could have been there.   Just go fishing cause life is short!


Gary, great memoriam to your friend Ken. Dominick
Leave the gun.  Take the cannolis.

There are two things I don't like about fishing.  Getting up early in the morning and boats.  The rest of it is fun.


lots of memories and great life

thanks for posting them Gary
The Baja Guy


Thanks for your kind words.   We are the lucky ones.  :d