Penn 113h spool issue

Started by Jayden, February 09, 2024, 05:57:52 AM

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I just took apart and serviced my 113h with a Broadbill kit, changing out the old 3+1 for greased 5+1 stack. After putting it back together, I found that when i cranked the handle with the reel engaged, the spool would continued to spin after i stopped cranking and would make a clicking sound. I probably took it apart and back together over 10 times and its still having this issue.


Sounds like the pinion female end is not fully engaging with the "shoulders" of the spool. Is there any rough spots on those 2 parts? Is the pinion moving far enough out when the free spool lever is disengaged(as seen when the right side-plate is removed from the frame)?
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What happens when you pull line?

Does the spool look like it's sitting centered in the frame? Have you played with the adjustment of the bearing caps?
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Jayden - Without actually going hands on, it's all just speculation and I would certainly try Gfish and Jason's tips first, they have been doing this for quite awhile!  Then I would take a look at your yoke/spring/jack assembly.  You do have the bridge screws in the proper orientation?  Having one or both of the fully threaded screws in the "spring" position can inhibit the yoke from fully pushing the pinion gear into full engagement with the spool.  Also, keep in mind that the yoke and springs are what keeps the pinion fully engaged when the crank handle/main gear is not turning.  Due to the helical design/pitch of the gears, when under load and cranking the main gear actually wants to "push" or twist the pinion into firmer engagement of the spool.  Likewise, when the main gear is not turning, any inertia of the spool spinning (especially now that you have a larger spool/more line) will want to push the pinion gear to disengage (unthread is not the correct word but I will use it anyway) and slide away from the spool lug, and the mechanism preventing this are the yoke/springs/jack assembly.  Good luck, let us know the Ohana will figure this out, they always do! - john


Spool doesn't look quite centered, I have messed with the bearing caps to try to fix it, still having that issue, I thin Gfish is right, how would I fix this?


Use a small fine file to remove the burrs.

How long does the spool spin?  The only things I can think of is the pinon gear  is not engaging the spool or you have no drag.
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Fixed it, just needed to tighted the bearing cap lol ;D


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