Penn Spinfisher VI 4500 LL question

Started by steelfish, June 08, 2024, 07:19:13 PM

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do you guys know what the purpose of the sping ratchet gear that comes attached to the main gear and only on the LL (live liner) models?

I have this Spinning reel for service and I think I will adopt what our Boss Alan do, which is to not accept spinning reel for repairs or service anymore  ::)

the reel was smooth but not buttery smooth, the service was not a must but the owner wanted to have it service it since he wasnt gonna use it for at least 6 months, so, I did the clean up and lube and now the reel has a small gearing sound and feel on every turn on the handle  >:(  >:(  :'(

- I already tried losing the screws a bit ... no avail
- un-installing and re-installing the main gear to try different teeth to contact the oscillation gear ... no avail either.
- no longer have more ideas to try to take that gearing sound away from the reel  :-[

The Baja Guy


Yikes, bait-runner type reels are the worse to work on. So I would look at main gear shaft shims for your issue. Maybe one got left out or put on the wrong side during reassembly? As for that ratchet gear, perhaps it's a clicker for the live-liner?

Actually, the original Penn Live-Liner wasn't too bad to work on, (never been in one of these latest ones). But I remember a Shimano Bait-Runner... fuggetabout-it! I couldn't even get the line-roller apart! I didn't dare take apart the drive train.