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Started by alantani, June 08, 2015, 11:09:30 PM

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15 phenix rods, my "loaner" inventory.  four of the black diamond hybrid 838mh's, four of the phd 760 xh's, four of the phd 700 xh's and three of the plain black diamond 700h's.  i'm missing one of these plain black diamonds.  i'm supposed to have four and i only have three.  this is NOT the rod that was left in san diego last year.  it was likely loaned out of my garage sometime and not returned.  not sure who has it, though.  it's ok, we'll survive.  more after this. 

send me an email at for questions!


send me an email at for questions!

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Fifteen loaners?? Wholly mackerel!!  :o

I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it!  :D


Quote from: Aiala on June 08, 2015, 11:26:00 PM
Fifteen loaners?? Wholly mackerel!!  :o

He can afford to lend them out.  He keeps winning them on the fishing trips.  :D :D Dominick
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That's a lot of nice rods. Hope you all have a great time. If you ever do a late October or early November 8 or preferably 10 day trip, I would try to make that one. Coming all he way from the east coast, I prefer the longer trips. Good luck and have fun.


Obsessive, compulsive and totally ordered ;D I totally love this man ;D


I'm bringing 8 Phenix's myself.  Should get Phenix to sponsor the trip!  I won one on the Phenix 10 day on the Excel last year.
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Guess I won't be prepping any of my loaner gear...


Im jealous of the your loaner gear, I would die if I saw your main gear  :o. Have fun on the trip guys! Alan is a great guy to share the rail with!

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I can only imagine Jason. Those Phenix rods are some serious coin. I wish you all the best of luck and weather. Be safe and tear'em up. ;D
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I agree, no prepping loaner gear by me either.  Those rods are better than most of the rods I own, let alone what I would loan out.  Not that I would begrudge anyone for using a setup I wasn't using at the time, vs loan out for the trip.

The funny part is that even if all the loaner reels are jigmasters, they'd be so tuned and hot rodded they would still match the  rods in performance.


Stoked for you guys going on this trip!  Excited to see pictures and hear the stories.  This is on my bucket list....maybe in a few years.  GOOD LUCK!
Dan from Philadelphia...

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what Dan said.....LOTS of pics needed...thinking about coming out next year.

I think Alan should post a pic of the first string Bentley's he's taking.


Just picked up a loaner Cal modified International 20, now I am ready for anything we are going after.
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