Shrimp lure made from a plastic straw

Started by SteveL, August 22, 2015, 05:28:05 PM

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Very creative. It would make a great grass shrimp imitation.



Nelz, that's exactly what I was thinking.  If I spend 25 minutes making ONE, I'm gonna be sore when I lose it.
I woke today and suddenly nothing happened.

David Hall

Hum that's some kind of artistic fly making.  I was thinking the same thing, first hook up is going to destroy that thing and it's a perfect shrimp imitation, how could you spend all that time making one just to have it destroyed on the first bite, but I was wrong!  He's targeting the cuttlefish and probably has some amazing recipe for them as well.  that man is an amazing fisherman.  Love to meet him some time.

Bill B

Can we Sticky this in the videos section?  I would like to try it but haven't been able to download...guess Im too old for computer stuff
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


send me an email at for questions!


Creativity on fire!!! Rock hopping like this is one of my favorite pastimes. Thanx for the sticky Alan; this is one I want to refer back to.

Bill B

It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


When I was your age Pluto was a planet!


I saw this a month or so three tries looked partially digested and regurgitated . :o

Think they'll still catch fish?

Guess I need to practice more.... A LOT MORE...some of those tiny scissors might help, too.


Some people have too much time on their hands.   ::)  Very cool though.  Dominick
Leave the gun.  Take the cannolis.

There are two things I don't like about fishing.  Getting up early in the morning and boats.  The rest of it is fun.


That was captivating to say the least.  Give a man a fish and he'll eat well for the night, give a man a straw and he'll eat well forever. :o
These sausage fingers ain't got it in 'em.
Thanks for sharing,