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Started by Frigate Sales, September 28, 2015, 09:54:49 PM

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Frigate Sales

I spoke with Alan earlier today, he's been kind enough to allow me to post on this board and sell my products.  (I kinda felt like I was talking to a movie star....)

My name is James, and you can see I am obviously a very new member here.  I've been fishing since I was a kid, slowly evolving from fishing in farm ponds to now fishing primarily offshore out of Venice, Louisiana.  
I have read many articles on this site over the years, and know how good of a resource this forum can be.  

I purchased a few of these Banax reels about 3 years ago, and have also had a few close froinds buy them as well.  After my experiences, I found it to be an excellent reel for the value, adding some stiff competition for an entry level electric reel.  

Over the past few months I have set up an agreement with Banax Fishing (South Korean MFG) to distribute & repair their electric reels in North America.  They are a large manufacturer, originally a joint venture with Daiwa until they broke apart in 1992.  

These reels are very similar in specifications to the Daiwa TB1000 / T1000, similar capacity, drag, and speed - but with very different internal features.  I've brought the reel to this forum - as y'all are known to pick apart the internals of the reels - and figured I might raise a bit of interest.  

On my website, I have created a short power point presentation documenting the differences in construction of the 2 reels, as well as a little torture test.  
See here:

I am selling these reels until the end of the year at an introductory price of $525, shipped to the lower 48.  After the first of the year, the price will rise significantly.  I know you are not supposed to enter a market and raise your price - but the reels need domestic exposure, and I am trying to get a few hundred of them out there before pursuing retail channels.

Please email me if you have questions or further interest, or post up on here!

Thanks guys,


Frigate Sales

• Strong aluminium machine cut handle and EVA handle knob.
• Black anodized aluminium diecasting frame.
• Aluminium forged spool.
• Smooth carbon drag washers. (Total 6 washers)
• Washable design.
• Power "ON/OFF" and speed control available by speed lever.
• Jigging function .
• Accurate adjustable LCD unit to set the depth, with memory backup
• Motor overload control.
• 2 Over sized ball bearings.
• Level wind.
• English Instruction manual.
• 9ft (2.76m) 12v power cord.

• High torque 12 volt DC motor.
• Gear Ratio: 2.8:1
• Weight: 1630g
• Bearings: 2 B/B
• Instant maximum winding power: 35kgs
• Max. drag force: 20kgs
• Max. speed 160m/min
• Line capacity: (Braid)
- 800M PE 8 (100lb)

Frigate Sales

Line Spooling:
I currently have 80# and 100# braid from Tufline, 80# Daiwa Boat Braid, and 100# Pline in stock.
Spooling is $100 based on current inventory, the Pline I can sell for $65 - but I don't have much left.

Shipping is usually the same day, USPS 2-3 day depending on your location. 


Thanks James and welcome!

I wonder if you can offer any information and insight on the the use of an electric reel? When would I want to use one? Limitations? Advantages? Complaints?

Electric reel 101.

Even a link to any info would be great.

thanks.... steve

Frigate Sales

One more quick starter post....
Alan said you all really like pics - a few customers have sent in some pics of the reels in use.  All seem quite pleased, in just a few weeks, I've had a handful of folks come back for multiple reels. 

Frigate Sales

Quote from: swill88 on September 28, 2015, 10:13:03 PM
Thanks James and welcome!

I wonder if you can offer any information and insight on the the use of an electric reel? When would I want to use one? Limitations? Advantages? Complaints?

Electric reel 101.

Even a link to any info would be great.

thanks.... steve

We use these reels when fishing in excess of maybe 500 - 600'.  Saves a lot of time and effort fighting fish and checking bait.  I wouldn't recommend this for swordfish, but ideal for most of the other deep water fish you'll encounter.  Tiles, grouper, barrels, oilfish, escolar, porgies, snapper, etc. 
I've even been lazy and used them for red snapper at 300' - and pulled them up 4 at a time!

The downside - my wife doesn't think they are too sporting.... And most records don't count when using electrics. 

I'd like to give a plug to another forum, and recommend you sign up for deep dropping details if you have interest - - it's a private club dedicated to deep dropping, so a little cumbersome to get started with them, but a great resource. 

Frigate Sales

Just got this pick from a customer running the reel in the keys, nice queen snapper, the larger one went 30#.  He said it was far more powerful than the T1000 they had on the boat!


james, good to talk to you earlier today.  good luck with this.  anything you need, send a pm or give me a call!
send me an email at for questions!


send me an email at for questions!


Those 'Queen Snapper' (Etelis oculatus) look alot like our 'Onaga' (Etelis coruscans) here in Hawaii.  Well would you look at that..they share the same genus.

Someone ought to try to catch one over 27lbs, have it weighed at a certified scale, and submit the paperwork to the IGFA for a new all tackle world record for this species. Sounds like a great idea for a fishing tournament...winning Queen gets a world record status.  Just don't catch it on an electric reel.

The world record Queen, 27lbs 4oz was caught in the keys in 2008.,%20queen

The Hawaiian 'Onaga' is also known as the 'Flame Snapper'.  The world record, 16lb 12oz was caught in Japan in 2007.,%20flame%20(Hamadai)

Just a thought.
Hope springs eternal
for the consumate fishermen.


Quote from: Frigate Sales on September 28, 2015, 10:43:25 PM

I'd like to give a plug to another forum, and recommend you sign up for deep dropping details if you have interest -] - it's a private club dedicated to deep dropping, so a little cumbersome to get started with them, but a great resource.  

Alan, thanks for giving James/ Shawnuff space on your site and James, I'm glad to see you on here. This is the site I go to when a home reel repair goes haywire and I need advice. Both Alan and James are longtime 100FFC members.

Yes, joining the 100 Fathom Fishing Club is cumbersome and slow, but as Club President & Benevolent Dictator, I do my best to screen out lurkers, spammers, anti-fishing types from the billions-funded Environmental Industry and corrupt Federal fisheries bureaucrats. The result is a private online fishing club for hardcore offshore fishermen. We have 250 members - about 200 from the US and 50 more worldwide. Since the club's start in 2006, I've turned away about 2,000 more applicants for one reason or another.

We dont charge any application fees, no membership dues. We allow members to advertise for free. The biggest feedback I hear from members is that we have a No Flamewar policy. Let's face it, most of us fish for fun and relaxation. So that attitude extends to the online fishing forums we log onto - so if folks see a flamewar, a few morbid car-wreck rubberneckers will click on it but the majority of us get turned off and we don't come back. We have enough drama in our lives - work, family, you name it. We dont need more BS and aggro thru flamewars.  

In regards to electric reels, a few years back 100FFC began offering recognition of truly ALL-Tackle World Records. That means record-breaking fish caught on electric reels can be recognized with a nice award suitable for framing. And it's at a low cost too, unlike the IGFA International Grenade Fishing Association ATWR program. ::)

/off rant

Mark /Catch-All
Pres., 100 Fathom Fishing Club
Founder & President, 100 Fathom Fishing Club


Full Disclosure

I've owned a Penn Senator 12-0/ Electramate 940XP that I used for deepdropping in 2600 feet in Gulfstream current in the Florida Straits, halfway to the Bahamas. Carl Hoffman, owner of Electramate, is a 100FFC member and a good friend.

I currently own a Banax Kaigen reel that I bought from James, spooled with all 80# braided, mounted on a StarRods bentbutt swordfish rod that I won for catching a world record on another Star Rod.

Founder & President, 100 Fathom Fishing Club


Welcome to the Alan Tani fan club!  Your reels are in for a lot of scrutiny.  But thats a good thing.  Most of us love to fish, and the electric reel has its place in the arena as a tool to use as need be.   I hope to see more of your and others posts here as your exposure increases.
    That said I have several electric reels and have a need for a operators manual (booklet) that is printed in English for the Banax 7000XP.
The translation is difficult to understand for us English speaking types as the Koreans name their functions, parts, terms, differently than what we normally would read.   This might be an area that you can come into play to help the American sales market?
   The reel mentioned 7000xp works great as far as i'm concerned but I cant understand the jigging and auto stop functions to get them set up to be usable.  I can only start/stop the reel..... also after looking at the 1000 model, the configuration of the faceplate buttons are different.   Ive tried to download instructions for this 7000 but haven't been able to find out much info.
    Any help you can supply would be appreciated.  I too would like to post some of my pictures of fish caught on these reels.
   These reels are fun to fish, as they are powerful yet lightweight, almost make you laugh was my first impression on a good fish.


Tanks Jame, good to have you with us, @ alan forum, Jame I have another make, or brand of electric reel, very simular to the Banax electric reel, the electric cord on the reel I have,is of poor quality, and most fishos that have, this reel have problems with the electric cord, I use mine, with a straight overhead rod, as I stand it in a sloping, rod holder, it is the same as having it on a bent rod, but a little lower to the rod holder, as the rod holder is possitioned outside the side rail along the side of our boat, the cord protrudes out of the reel, then has a bend in it to run up over the rail, so the electric cord tends to eventual malfunction close to the reel, if the cord came out of the reel at a right angle, then there would be less stress on the electric cord, just one thing that Banax could take into consideration, I have reconstructed my cord with the right angle straight out of the reel, but have not had a chance to test it yet thanks donnyboat.
Don, or donnyboat