Anxious Sportfishing Kona, Hawaii (Big Island)

Started by NYIsles55, January 24, 2016, 04:08:53 AM

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Anxious Sportfishing is an offshore charter in Honokohau small boat Harbor and marina, located between the airport and the city of Kona. Captained by Neil Isaacs, the Anxious is a 33' Bartram, that is well maintained. Captain Neil and his crew (don't know the right word for this) were great!

Captain Neil has been fishing offshore for years. His wife currently has the Texas state record for Bluefin Tuna caught in the 1980s. His boat also holds the unofficial women's world record for Blue Marlin by catching one weighing 1022 lbs! The only reason it isn't official is because she got help after she was totally exhausted after a few hours of fighting with very high drag.

On my full day trip I took in the middle of August, I hooked into what was estimated a 250 lb blue marlin. What was a nice surprise was that they had a real camera and got some quality pictures of my marlin jumping

We had so much fun on that trip that we wanted to book again with him. Unfortunately, he was booked so he found us another charter who had a half day open and we ended up chartering with them.

What made us book with him was his prices. They were cheap compared to other charters. I was skeptical of a cheaper charter compared to the others in Kona, until I saw his reviews on trip advisor. All were 5 star reviews and many were by repeat customers. That sealed the deal for us.

They were really professional, and I'd recommend them


Trip Advisor:


Nice review, Honokohau is about a 2-hour drive for me, may have to check them out sometime.

Regarding posting photos on here, I have been uploading them to photobucket and copying/pasting their image link into the reply section.

If there is another (faster) way to upload photos I'm all ears.



I tried to post the pictures. If a mod or admin or someone could fix it for me, please do!


not sure what's wrong with the photos.  nothing comes up at all, no link, anything.  if you can email them to me, i can give it a try from this end. 
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That's weird. Maybe it's because I was using the mobile site? I'll email them to you.


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