pyramid flashers!

Started by alantani, February 11, 2016, 02:05:32 AM

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i'd like to welcome ted wong to the board.  he's a local guy that has been perfecting his own brand of pyramid flasher over the last half dozen years.   it's a beautifully made product and when he posts up the videos you see that they really work great.  the best part is the durability. we talked today and set up his board.  hopefully we will have a salmon season and i'll have a chance to try out the ones that i have.  ted, welcome!!!!!
send me an email at for questions!

David Hall

You can never have to much salmon gear.
Welcome Ted.


Looking forward to more info and a salmon season.  Always ready to support businesses.  Ken


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I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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Welcome aboard, Ted--

Your masterpieces look outstanding.


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I have always wondered if flashers would work well for our Kingfish (King Mackerel). One difference between Kingfish and Salmon is that they do not like baits that spin. The bait has to "swim" naturally. Often we troll with stainless steel planers that get the baits deep and also act as a flasher and they work fairly well. The big "smoker" Kings more often than not still come from a nice live bait. They are good looking flashers.


I have got a package today from Mr. Alan Tani, thank you Sir!

Can anyone tell me more information about these flashers?
What is the most optimum trolling speed for a small and big one?
What is the leader lenth from the flasher to bait?

Thank you.
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Pyramid Flashers!

Many years ago I discovered that fishermen needed a better product which would attract salmon while trolling.   The Pyramid Flashers are designed to flash at a rate which meets the optimal speed of your trolling bait presentation.   The optimal speed to troll is the speed that catches fish pure and simple.   The flashers themselves are attached to a ball bearing swivel so they will spin at any speed you need to give your trolling bait the best presentation.  

What makes the Pyramid Flashers different is the usage of UV film integrated into many of my DESIGNS and into the many holographic films.  

For questions on rigging please view my post on rigging.

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I noticed that you have been producing lots of bright and colored flashers...
When  sky and water are doesnot affraid bright reflections from the flasher?
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Quote from: coralsea on April 16, 2017, 11:58:33 AM
I noticed that you have been producing lots of bright and colored flashers...
When  sky and water are doesnot affraid bright reflections from the flasher?

Schools of baitfish reflect the sun and "flash" it is one of the things that predictor fish key in on when hunting.
The artificial "flasher" is meant to mi if that.  It works!



I meant also  that:
"On the other hand, there are times when flash
ers and dodgers can actually decrease catch rates In some clear-water lakes, the attractor does its job by drawing trout in, yet when they get close and see the flasher or dodger, they're often spooked by it. When this occurs, it may be time to lengthen your leader. Often that will do the trick."
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As always it is about bait presentation  Good Luck...


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