Additional fish pictures of a few of you

Started by Bill Karr, June 27, 2016, 07:16:25 PM

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Bill Karr

A number of you had me take a photo of your fish. If you will e-mail me at I will send them. I can't find who's who with the Board nicknames! I have photos for:

Bryan Young

and you can just post them for all of us to's not like Vegas, what happens on the boat is fair game.  lol
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


Quote from: Bryan Young on June 27, 2016, 08:16:40 PM
and you can just post them for all of us to's not like Vegas, what happens on the boat is fair game.  lol


The Baja Guy

Big Tim

Thank you bill...Here's a couple of mine


Bill Karr

Here's a couple of pictures and some observations. First off, I have not done this type of fishing for over 50 years and was a little uncertain until my first fish. All was then good! I used a Vadney built, spiral wrapped, 40lb. rail rod-Calstar GFGR 700 MH. Jon built it to give an old guy like me every advantage. It had 65 braid backing to a 50 yard 40 lb. topshot of Izor XXX with a 3/0 ringed flyliner. With Jon on the rod and Alan T. on the reel setup, I could not have had a more perfect outfit. Many of the guys were using 30 lb. rigs which did get bit more often, but I saw several break offs, it took longer to get the fish to the boat, and the seals had more fun. I opted to work real hard for a shorter fight and then take a break to rest and watch and learn. I came in at about average (my goal) of 11 fish, 1 lost to a seal, 1 fight with a seal (I got the fish but he got the stomach), and 1 sawed off. Here's deckhand Scotty stretching one of mine for the picture!

I had a great roommate-now a friend- and, in my opinion, one of the best fisherman on the boat. David Tang is way too modest to even mention how many he caught, but he was that guy who was always hooked up. David used an Andros 5-2 with an inexpensive Okuma Cedros rod and a30 lb. Izor XXX topshot. (I just bought the rod!). Shows once again, it's not the tool but the man using it. If David wasn't the "Big Stick", I'll be very surprised.



send me an email at for questions!


The Baja Guy



Great pictures Bill!

Alan... can you make Bill the AT trip photo mod?

Also... Bill, I agree with you... get them to the boat.  More time... more loss.



Great pics Bill.
I love my Okuma Andros , when I got mine for $49 as a second/blem I bought it to fill a gap in my lineup.
It quickly became my favorite rod. That is the rod I used on our Morro Bay trip. I never have figured out what the blem is😎
Reel is a second hand Shimano 15/30 TLD Star that I love.
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Alan, although you profess to not liking to work on spinning reels, you sure seem to fish with them a lot. ;D
Looks like a great time was had by all. If the popularity of these  AT trips keeps up, you will need a bigger boat.



It's nice see pictures of Alan with fish given how often he was getting sealed.  I almost hate to admit that I didn't lose a single fish to a sea lion this year.  Thanks Alan, for keeping them busy so I could get my fish in.
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