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Started by Whit, August 14, 2017, 12:23:51 PM

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Hmmm.  Lots of really good stuff here.  I've been spending a lot of time over on the reel side, and not paying enough attention to the rods.  So my question is what's the perfect glass blank for a long range Kite Rod with an 80T?  200 lb spectra.  I cant handle the big graphite rods any more, the glass is easier on my back.   But the biggest I have is a Boomer.

And would you run rollers on it or ring guides?

Thanks in advance!


Lamiglass and Seeker make some good glass stuff, though I understand Seeker has been turned over (not sure of all the details there). I use ring guides on kites but I suppose depends on your application. We use a clip in NC which lets the fish pop off to be fought straight on another rod and not the kite rod, like an outrigger. No need for rollers if fished that way. To be clear, are you fishing the 80 or using it to deploy kite? That would be way overkill. A narrow spool like a Penn 49 or 349 with 100lb dacron works well for kite deployment. I used to use a 130 Sailfisher but bumped up for capacity and the 130 is a nice shelfie.  49 can be had cheaply.


To be clear, this is a rod to catch the fish, not to fly the kite.  My application is long range Tuna out of San Diego on the 15 day plus trips.


from  my  limited  experience   with  kite  fishing  and looking  at  what the commercial  rod  builders  provide it  seems  like  ring  guides  are  most  prevalent  fuji  bhpng  being  one  common  style. Just  sold a seeker    3x5 to  a  brother  here  and  it  was  designed  strictly  as  rail  rod  for  long  range  with  the  mentioned  fuji  guides Whatever  you  do dont  try to  go  cheap on  guides  or  you  will  be  sorry.  dont  ask  me  how  i  know.   I  have  about   15   tuna   capable  rods  both  glass  and  graphite  and  all  have   bhpng   and  im  happy  with  them.  minimum  maintenance   great performance   and  do not   fuzz the  braid.