Shimano Stella SW 20000

Started by alantani, September 02, 2011, 03:50:22 AM

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i've copied this over to the spinner board for clem.

Quote from: Clem on August 01, 2011, 07:26:42 PM
Kia Ora all,

Thought this might be of some use to those with Stella's that are contemplating doing their own service or inspections. I can disassemble the reel completely if required but this is far as most people would need to go.

Its worth making sure you have a bit of time and all the basics ready to go...once you have done it a few times it will be easy. The first time I did it I used Alan Hawke's breakdown as a guide; hopefully this will be easy to follow....

Ok, lets's the reel, I have a JM round knob on it which works really well - remove the drag knob and spool from the body

This will expose 2 fibre washers and 1 metal washer, the fibre washers are a tight fit so take care when removing from the shaft - best to support from the bottom

Remove the 2 screws holding the rotor lock plate to expose the washer

Remove the washer and unscrew the rotor nut and bearing

Separate the rotor assy from the main body, we now have 3 sub assemblies which we will work on one at a time

Lets tackle the spool first, remove the drag cover (reverse thread) there is probably a special tool, but a allen key across the top works fine

Remove the bearing bushing (just pull straight up) and place to the side, remove the first metal drag washer (includes clicker)

Remove the first carbon washer and the last metal washer (not sure what grease is on them from the factory, blue color) This will expose the bearing retainer which needs to be removed

Pull the bearing and clean out the bottom of the spool

Flip the spool over and remove the retaining wire, remove the sealing washer and housing - like in the photo, the housing and some of the washers may come out at the same time, just keep them in order

Remove the washer and bearing from the bearing support

Separate the washers and continue to pull the last ones from the spool

Once you are done you should end up with this

The bearing bushing from the underside of the spool is actually 4 pieces, remove the 4 screws to separate

The rubber o ring can be removed easily

All back together, sealing washer in the center

Screws back in and then start to replace the washers in the top of the spool, carbon washer first

Carbon and then a metal eared washer

Carbon and then the last metal washer

Bearing support back in along with the bearing housing

Bearing back in and then the sealing washer

Once that is done the retaining wire can go back in - flip it over and start on the underside, bearing back in

Retaining wire back in and the first carbon washer

Metal washer, Carbon washer and finally the metal washer with the clicker (make sure the metal washers are in line)

Once in line replace the bearing bushing assy (you may have to fiddle with it a bit to line it all up and seat the bushing)

Replace the drag cover (reverse thread and the spool is done. Now we will start on the rotor (line roller assy)

Remove the retaining screw and the retainer

Remove the main screw and separate the roller assy from the rotor frame - start to drop the (gold) roller support shaft

Remove the roller assy and the support shaft washer

Disassemble the roller assy, remove the washer, bearing/bushing and the bearing spacer

Flip it over and remove the bearing, should end up with this

Reassemble, spacer back in followed by the bushing and bearing

Bearing and washer, including the bottom bearing

Roller support and washer back in, re seat roller assy

Realign roller support with rotor assy and replace main assy screw

Retainer back in along with retaining screw

To get access to bail spring remover the cover and lightly oil (reelx from Alan, thank you again) - Rotor complete we can start on the main body (clutch assy)

Unscrew the cover and carefully lift the sealing washer - this will expose the clutch assy

It should look like this, the easiest way to remove the assy is to replace the sealing washer and carefully turn the main body upside down

Hold the sealing washer from underneath and slowly lower the assy and separate from the shaft

Remove the washer and carefully turn assy over

Remove the rotor ring and the sealing washer

Remove the roller clutch reinforce ring and the steel ring

Rollers and springs can be serviced - 8 of each. Now we can start on the main body, remove the bottom screw of the cover (2 x cover screws)

Remove the top cover crew and separate the cover from the body - rear shield will come off at the same time

Remove the blue friction ring and start to unscrew the main body cover (2 screw sizes here)

Remover the cover (in this case the bearing has remained in the cover) and you will see the main gear

From here we can remove the washers (4) and carefully pull the main gear

Remove the side bearing and the flange seal

When reassembling the flange seal should fit like this, other pic showing the bearing from the main body cover

This is as far as I'm going this time but you can see that it is fairly simply to access the guts of the reel - You can also see the pawl spring on the main gear, this must go through the hole in the back of the pawl when you replace the main gear

Little bit hard to see but I am replacing the main gear and the pawl spring goes through the rectangular hole at the rear of the pawl. Replace the main gear washers (4) shown in the next pic

Washers and the cover going back on the main body

Friction ring back on and then on to the clutch assy

Take the assy (make sure the washer is on) and the main body (upside down) and replace assy

Turn the main body back over and remove the sealing washer - it should look like the 2nd photo, then replace the white reinforce ring. This whole thing can be fiddly so have patience, if it doesn't work for you just replace the rollers and springs one by one with the main body the right way up...hope that makes sense

Like this, either way once done the sealing washer should be flush with rotor housing and the stopper and rotor ring back in place

Clutch cover back on

Rear shield and cover fitted, make sure all fits well

Screws back in, bottom and top

Rotor back on to main body, rotor nut back in

Bearing back in and the washer back on

Retaining plate back on and replace metal washer

Fibre washers back on (tight fit) and ready to slide spool back on

And done (whew)..

Well, I hope that helps someone - I have removed the main gear assy twice before (just to see how it all goes together) but it would add another 20 photo's and I'm assuming that most people would not go that far..if you want the info let me know and I'll add it (as soon as I get some time)

If you are going to take it apart, just take your time - use this as a reference along with the schematic and you should be fine (the first time I did it I dropped the clutch assy on the floor and couldn't find one of the springs for 3 hours....suffice to say I wasn't happy, eventually found it on the rotor assy)

Anyway, a great reel - actually a wedding present from my wife...(I know, every mans dream) she loves fishing so it's all good..

Any questions , just let me know
send me an email at for questions!

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Glad to see that you are doing spinning reels too:)