Van Staal VR series anti-reverse clutch bearing.... what do they look like?

Started by RickFlorida, August 26, 2020, 06:50:05 PM

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Hello all.   I'm deciding whether to purchase a Van Staal VR series reel or to get a SaltX 6000.

I want to please see a picture of or at least a description of what the Staal VR series clutch bearing (anti reverse) is.    If it's a high quality clutch bearing like you see in some of the other series of Van Staals then I will definitely know it's better than the SaltX.   Does the Staal VR use a german made INA all metal caged clutch bearing like some of the higher end Van Staals?   Or is the anti reverse a typical plastic caged clutch bearing like you see on Penn's?

The VR series by Staal is not original design to Van Staal, so I am afraid they have a cheaper anti reverse in them from the old RK design that it's based on?

Thanks for any help on this.  What is funny is that I hear great thinks about the SaltX 6000 staying dry internally even when reeled underwater but if the anti-reverse is better on the VR Staal, that is more dependable to me.

Thanks you!