Interchangability of Saros F handle knobs

Started by BradH, August 13, 2019, 06:35:07 PM

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This year I noticed a couple of my Saros 3000F rubbery T handle knobs are getting gooey and sticky, so it's time for a replacement.  This is the F, not the FA (current) model.

I looked online and the handle knob is available from Shimano-
RD 8170  HANDLE KNOB (T TYPE A)  $17.72

Seems like a lot for a handle that is only good for a couple years. 

Do any of the similar Shimano handle knobs cross over?  It appears to install with an external nut to keep it on the shaft, vice a screw into the center of the shaft. 

The 2500/3000 series Saros F, Symetre FJ, and I think maybe some Saharas have interchangeable parts.  Does Shimano use a standard shaft size (Type A)?  I know the retaining method (screw or nut) changes.  Some handle knobs may be permanently mounted to the handle shaft. 

Any ideas on an alternative handle?  Or bite the bullet and buy four of them?  I do like the reels and plan to keep them.