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Started by R46chevy, August 24, 2019, 08:52:13 PM

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I am looking at a Torque 40n and comparing it to the HXJ raptor that I already have. Is there any huge differences between these two reels? I'm looking at putting one or the other on an 8-ft Seeker Hercules.

Thoughts anybody?


 They seem to cover pretty much the same ground, 50/60, 80 in a pinch. Similar listed capacity, drag and retrieve speed. I would tend to stick with what you've got unless you need an extra rig. Or to clear a lot of space in your wallet.
Our friends at Penn would be happy to supply one I'm sure
I'll be be bringing bringing a Torque if you want to compare it to your HXJ.



Yep like above those two reels cover pretty much the same type of fishing. But if your looking at 60-80 toppers I'd go with the HXJ Raptor. If you have the bank roll the Torque should go to Cal's Two Speed to dial it in right for those test lines.

It just might be time to look at Penn's 16 VISX's, Okuma or other manufactures.


I go with an HX Raptor for 60# but could do 80# too. I have a Mak 15TSEa for the same.  Usually the Mak for bait and HX for yoyo.  I must say that it's amazing how hard you can pull on 60# with 30#+ drag when your big YT turns into a 400# Sealion!
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Thanks everyone. This is purely a jig rod, if I was looking bait the VSX-16 would be at the top of the list or maybe HXW raptor.


Look at the fathom 40ld2 before you purchase. American made stainless gears and internals almost identical to the torque, but has cast aluminum frame instead of machined. For around $250.
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Thanks Warren, good call hadn't quite thought about that I thought it was a graphite side plates. Reviews on at 10 to be pretty good.

I did realize that I also have a hyperspeed 35, which doesn't have the line capacity or the max drag but may handle what I want to use it for.