east coast swords

Started by bill19803, September 28, 2020, 02:36:17 PM

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Nice Bill great story, thanks Wayne pictures are worth a thousand words, by the way Alan, they do now. cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat

Eddie K

Congratulations on your fish.  Nice catch.


and  the  saga  continued  on  saturday  10/3/20
same  boat  same  captain same  locations  same  results.
my  maybe  boat  record  lasted  a  week  and  then was  broken  by  a  foot  was  82 inch fork length fish  hooked  and  gaffed in  5  minutes.
lots  of  yellowfin  to  60  lbs  at  inshore  spot  one  sword  no  tuna in  canyon  no mahi,  one  wahoo  inshore must  have  been  close  to  6  feet.
probably  the  end  of  my  voyages  came  home  slept  16  hours feel  like a  bulldozer  ran  over  me. cant  take  the  beating  any more
but  had  a  great  string  over  the  years to  remember  fondly


Vintage Offshore Tackle

Bill, I have felt the same way on more than one occasion, but I will bet you dollars to donuts that as soon as you forget how much you are hurting right now, you will be right back out there.



Wow, 5 minutes on a sword? Kamakazi!
Can't keep a good man down.  Once the beating you took wears off, you'll be back, maybe a bit wiser and pace yourself a little
Do what you can with that you have where you are


let  me  be  clear  i  did  NOT catch the  latest  sword  monster  sorry  if  i  gave  that impression  to  anyone

i  tried  but  no  love  had to  settle  for  50-60 lb  yft.


I'm the senior Fishing Specialist at West Marine's largest store located in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida.

We sell equipment for Swordfishing. Fish can be a little football size 25 lb up to 400lb and more. It is a fairly normal activity here. Depths are several hundred feet.
The primary set up for this is to use size 50 to 80 electric reel by Hooker that uses a Shimano Tiagra or Penn International reel as the basis. Another local setup is a Lindgren Pitman specically built electric reel. Rigs with Squid, Bonito Strip, Ell, Snake Heads(a freshwater fish), are other baits are utilized. Lights are also part the rigs. The lead weights for this are commonly 3-4 lbs and sometimes more. It's a science for sure and always changing.
A peripheral fishing personality living on the edge of the fabled Florida Everglades