Hi's Tackle Box in South San Francisco becomes new Black Hole USA dealer

Started by ksong, April 02, 2021, 12:12:49 AM

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Hi's Tackle Box in South San Francisco, CA are buying bunch of 9'6" an d 10' Black Hole Suzuki rods as well as 9' and 9'6" Black Hole Suzuki II Ultra Light rods.
I assume they target schoolie striper, calico bass, California halibut or salmon with the rods.
It is great feeling that even West Coast anglers are looking for Black Hole USA rods.
Visit the Hi' Tackle Box and check our Black Hole rods if you live nearby.


i'm a half hour away.  been a while.  i'll have to swing by sometime!!!!
send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!


Thanks Alan,
They just ordered. It will take one week for them to display the rods.

Bryan Young

Awesome!  They are not too far. Will have to pay them a visit.

And Congratulation!
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


Alan took me there. Great shop! It could've gotten expensive if they would let me take plugs back on the plane  ;D ;D ;D

El Pescador


Great News!!!

Hi's Tackle is my only fishing shop I frequent, run by a great fisherman in his own right, Jonah!!!

And YES, I'll be stopping by to check out the Black Hole Suzuki rod series.

Been buying fishing stuff from when Hi's since it was in San Francisco.

Now, I drag Dominick and fishing buddy Rick to a visit to Hi's just to see what's new.  And Rick and I have been known to stop by Little Lucca Deli in SSF, just 2 blocks away from Hi's tackle.


For me... Fishing and Food go together.
And who would not enjoying see this on the Line Winder stand!!!!!


Thanks for the tip, will be stopping by sooner than later,



Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


A West Coast angle sums up the 10' Black Hole Suzuki rod very nicely and I totally agree with him.

"10' is the way to go, it's a lighter action than the 9'6" and more than enough for west coast style surf duty. It'll really fling the 110, and works well with up to 2oz and can do 3. The Suzuki has a very nice progressive bend under load, but it's no noodle and has excellent recoil which is why it casts so well. Much higher tip velocity than lower recoil rods. It's light enough to be fun for surf perch yet it has the balls to fish school size tuna, which it handles better than you'd expect. Kind of the ultimate do all surf rod for the West Coast."