Join me at Morro Bay Friday Dec 17th on the Avenger 10hr trip!

Started by pjstevko, November 20, 2021, 04:55:03 PM

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It was a fun trip, fishing was ok, had to work for your fish.  Never had any one spot that bit great. Nice boat, good crew, skipper put in the effort. The weather was a little spicy early and late but very nice while we were fishing.  No pics from me.
Nice meeting all the fellas.
Do what you can with that you have where you are

El Pescador

Alright Kids, here we go...

COOL start to the fishing day, it was 44 degrees at dockside as we gathered.

BUTT away we go.

Sunrise on the reels & rods for the day.

And our trip planner, PJ, getting ready for the day.  I told him several times during the day, "IF you PLAN IT, they will come."  And we did.

A special THANK YOU to MO for his work on my parted together Penn Surfmaster 150 - 2 words MO on your workmanship... FLAWLESS!!!!!!

Here is your photographer today staying warm.

We hugged the California Coastline all day, staying 2-4 miles offshore.

Here are some intros for the day.   Nick and Juan.

Neil or on this site, Neilman - No funnier guy than Neil for sure,  He and I fished next to each other, and the jokes he told all day were funny.   A REEL FUNNY GUY!!!!


There were A LOT Of these handles on the reels,  Thanks Alan for a great fishing product.

What I enjoyed about fishing on the Avenger is how wide it is - a stable and comfortable fishing boat.

Here is our venerable Randy Pauley, and only known to a few is a male model for Cabela's outdoor wear!!   REELY!!! ;D

Here is Bill B. or TARFU on this site.  Quiet guy BUTT always with needed knowledge.

The winds did die down giving us a great day on the water.  The seas are so flat, SO WHERE IS DOMINICK!!!!!! ::)

This guy was fishing to my left all day, he ONLY threw these handmade, with his hands, Tady 6oz. lures.   His last name might have been HOOVER, since he was sucking up

EVERYTHING on the bottom of the ocean.  I think he caught the first fish, and the most fish.  AND ONLY Fished these 6 ozs. lures,


A Very nice guy, he has lived in Morro Bay now for 30 years, I think he knows how to fish in the area.

He was selling them for $6 each, YES, only $6 each.   Question, how much is a Tady 6 oz. lure online??? 

Fred, give us a price, I'm sure it is more than $6!!!

BTW, do you SEE It???

Let me zoom closer...  On the crest of the ridge...

Hearst Castle, still closed to tours due to COVID.  I've never been there, and it is on my list to see someday.

LOOK AT THIS SEA CONDITION??  I ask again, where is DOMINICK???  THIS is his usual Baja Fishing condition!!!

And here is the new wrecking crew.  From Left to Right, Deckhand Manny, Juan, Nick, Khahn (Adams Khahn on the site) & Adrian. 

And our two deckhands for the day:  Bailey and Manny - both are fantastic deckhands. 

Here is the weigh-in, using the Judgement Bar, checking for the heaviest fish.

Until now, Juan has the largest fish, a Bocaccio, UNTIL someone from the bow decided to bring out HIS BIG FISH, Randy Pauley brings out a nice Ling Cod, and once on the

judgment bar, it sent Juan's fish skyward like a homesick angel!!! 

Randy, being the consummate gentleman, handed Juan the BIGGEST FISH Award to him.  OHANA at its finest.

I went inside the cabin only to see this, I thought someone left a Crash Dummy in the seat, BUTT NO, it is Vanessa, she is married to Nick. She looks DONE for the day.

We start the trip back to the harbor, it is fish cleaning time.

And when the fish start getting cleaned, the seagulls come out of nowhere.

Almost back at the dock, passing Morro Rock on our way.

Before arriving at the dock, I yelled out, "Everyone with Alan Tani, please head outside for a group photo" - and here we all are.

I'm back at the hotel, getting cleaned up & ready for dinner, enjoying a beer to wash off the salt spray.

And Dinner at the Clubhouse, here is Adrian and Neil - With Neil's contribution, Filpino Meat Balls!!!  That's right, no Italian here, it is Filipino night!!!

Spicy Red Sauce with Filipino Meat Balls and Angel hair Pasta.  Excellent meal from Neil!!!!  Hey, that rhymes!!!

And all the trimmings for Banh Mi or Vietnamese Sandwiches - Properly said as "BON ME"  - I say DELICIOUS!!!!

Also, is Adrian's contribution, Kalua Pork Sandwiches with Hawaiian rolls and a killer slaw - this too was fantastic, and to report to you all - NO ONE LOST WEIGHT ;D

I walked outside the Club House to take a photo of the remaining Sunset, and say GOODBYE to Morro Bay until our next trip.

BUTT Just wait ONE MINUTE...

Arrived home, received a text with this photo.

Vanessa enjoying a burger at Sylvester's Burgers - a MUST TRY from Randy Pauley!!!!

The Question, Randy, WHERE ELSE is A MUST TRY when in Morro Bay area NEXT?????

All in all a fantastic trip, I do see I never took a photo of Sheridan - or Swami805 on the site.

IF... anyone has a photo of Sheridan, PLEASE post, and to you Sheridan, I am sorry I did not get a shot of you.  In my defense, you did move quickly around the boat, making

you a difficult target to shoot!!!!

And a BIG THANK YOU to Alan for handing the Club House keys to Juan and PJ.  A perfect meeting place, just a street and home off the Pacific Coast.

Until our next trip....


Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


   WoW  what a great day for fishing ....     Someday I will try the other west coast fishing  .
Grandpa`s words of wisdom......Joey that thing between your shoulders is not a hat rack.....    use it.....
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   Great report Wayne! Glad to hear that Surfy 150 got 'er done. Looks like you all had a good time...and the food looked fantastic. 8)

Bill B

Great report Wayne!  Weather couldn't have been better, the company was the best, and the food was out of this world.  John thank you for the BJ's brew, t,he Field Day IPA was a big hit with the fellas.  I like the Avenger, stable, fast, and great crew.  Thank you Alan for letting us use the clubhouse unsupervised!  An honorable mention to Khahn for the Monofil  27, the clean up will be on a separate thread.

My trip home took almost 1 hour longer than normal, for those of you that know the SoCal freeways, I was in bumper to bumper traffic from Topanga Canyon in the San Fernando Valley to the 15 freeway in the Inland Empire.....

Attached is an old photo of Sheridan from a Santa Barbara trip....and I have to say every time I fish SB I call him and he's Johnny on the spot, sharing the rail.

Until next year, tight lines and full gunney sacks.

It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


Great write up Wayne! Hope you remembered to grab your tri tips....

Just so you guys know there is a Sylvester's Burgers in Los Osos just south of Moro Bay! It's right next to my favorite ramen place in all of California called Kuma!

Next time you guys have free time for a meal out you should check Kuma for ramen. I recommend the spicy miso broth with sweet corn and garlic chips to go with your protein of choice...


Hello All!!

What a wonderful trip!  Mine started out as an adventure since the Waze gps app directed me to approach Cayucas via SR46, then take Old Creek Rd at night!  Lucky for me there was no rain; it was sketchy enough navigation - reminded me of some of the destinations my old job at ATT took me to.

It was a beautiful, calm morning at Morro Bay Landing.  Greetings, Wayne!




This is Rudy!  After watching my 4 attempts to thread my braid through the guides, we all became friends!  My excuse is that I only had an hr's sleep.   lol


Mr. Bill, I wish I could repeat his jokes about some of the guards that worked under him...but I'll leave it to him to tell you in was hilarious!


Coming in to Morro Bay Landing at the end of the day, just in time because the wind picked up & howled throughout the night into the next day!  


In the picture:  Vanessa, Nikola, Khahn, Adrian, Juan, and Mr. Bill!


In the picture:  Juan, Wayne (came through with the wine!), Mr. Bill, and Nikola.  "Yo, Adrian"  I couldn't resist channeling Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky".  Adrian's Kahlua Pork entree is just below the pasta in the picture.  Really good good that he let me take home the leftovers!  That was some awesome Asian Fusion dish.  Combined quite well with the Hawaiian bread and Wayne's (World) Wine!!


Maybe next time, we'll do an Aaron Franklin-style, Texas Smoked Brisket.