Heddon 233 anti reverse assembly

Started by Catching Nemo, January 15, 2022, 04:53:58 PM

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Catching Nemo

Hi folks,

Rookie mistake: I was trying to reinstall the anti reverse cam spring of my 233 and sent it into orbit. It landed somewhere in my shag carpet. Grrrrrrr....

The spring is simple enough that I can refabricate a replacement with some music wire I have.

Anyone out there with a 233 who can post a pic of the cam and spring already installed?  I didn't take a pic before I started poking around with the anti reverse assembly.  The cam, cam spring, dog, and dog spring arrangement of the 233 is a bit different than some of the other models that are posted with pics in this Heddon board.


Midway Tommy

Here you go. Hope they help. The finer dawg spring wraps around the screw post a time or two.

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Catching Nemo

Thanks Tommy, those pics are perfect !

Those cursed shag carpets !!  LoL


Spring is steel, CN —

A good, powerful magnet will locate the spring in the shag — along with other parts!

Best, Fred
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