Knee replacement therapy.

Started by gstours, February 18, 2022, 06:04:15 AM

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You nailed it. Fish mask

It is a fast way to get a durable bulky head.  Not a huge fan of either these or the fish skulls (similar, but made of metal and heavy), but many folk like the masks.  The skulls seemed to have fallen a bit more out of favor.



 :)   Ok.  The jury has decided.......... :ct    I did use these a few years back making Coho trolling flies.   I,m glad there was just one more left.   Now what to do?????    Next in a possibility is make a few teaser flys to make a Great Lakes type Meat RIG. These will be tied on a tube.   More on this when its done.   

David Hall

kING season opens up here in just a couple weeks and I have not rigged a single lure.
still havent gone through my salmon reels.  I am so far behind. 
Grandson bought a project bass boat a few weeks ago and we have been fixing and upgrading things daily ever since.  the light at the end of the tunnel is near.  we were to finish today but rain of all things? has dampened our efforts.  ::)
were going out anyway in a few minutes as its only a drizzle and get after it.  Garage/shop is a mess. good thing is the Long Hall is in A-1 ship shape and ready to launch on opening day.   :d


Rain's good in Cali now, right?
Gary those doll eyes in post#56, if you fish 'em deep they will split from the pressure(I suppose the air inside expands?).
Beeeeautiful flies. Maybe you could sell 'em?
Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!


Thanks for your information,  I,m not really a man if's I still play with doll eyes?
  Butt you already knew that,  they do come in really large sizes.   
As the weekend closes on you I,m hoping some of you smell like fish 🐟.   
Below are a few more creations of mine I took the time to capture.   It's not long before I,m hoping to slide into some waders.   Every day is a good day. :d


Very nice work Gary. Sometimes it pays to be forced to sit and relax your joints.

Are you looking for addresses to send those too?
I woke today and suddenly nothing happened.


Thanks Randu,   Actually it's about time to post a giveaway ad.   However to do it is not my talent.....  some of the ones that were earlier posted are gone.   However these are made for helping somebody to catch fish with.
  Not for sale,   Butt if you can pay the postage only then we both win.   I was thinking any three flys per person for starters.  If there's low interest then maybe a lot give away.    How to identify them per request you can help with.
  A couple more additions are below.    :o


Oh cool!, that last one, maybe a sunfish imitation?
Fishing tackle is an art form and all fish caught on the right tackle are"Gfish"!


Hey Gary, how you doing it compadre?

ready for a dance?

Im glad your knee is healing pretty good, soon you will ne uploading more fishing videos with your Terminator Knee 2000
The Baja Guy


👏  :ct.  Slow dance 🕺. Seems like the healing is slow.   Butt steady.   I'm looking forward to a full recovery,  and will take whatever is dealt with my cards.
  I try to stay busy and move around as much as possible and do the  exercises the physical therapy people recommend.   Sometimes tying up a fly at 2am is better than tossing and turning.    So here's another.


A couple more recent additions that might tempt a poor sighted fish 🎣. I need more practice for sure,  as I can walk butt not run.
  The cartoon is for our modern world.    Of which there's no escape.
     Another thanks to everyone involved with improving the forum upgrades.    ;)


While I'm waiting to go home 🏡,  a trio of flies are ready for a viewing....
  These are ruff n ready.   Crude flys, using crude tools, by a crude guy.   :fish


A few more recently finished,  I need to go fishing. :al
These mesh bodies are kinda fun and the tails can be made in a variety of ways.  These two are actually hot glue pressed flat and trimmed to shape.   Easy and durable.
  These are unweighted,  but that's easy to change.   


Here's a kinda like surf candy and a fry pogy to throw at the water soon.  Tied on a 3/0.   


Gary - I hope recovery is going well.  I am enjoying following along on your fly adventure, and part of me is thinking "In 3 months Gary is going to be nailing the 'butts and flys ain't gonna be part of the program."  I gotta say those ties you are doing look great (I am most probably not the person to express an opinion on that!) but glad to see you keeping time productive as you are mending.  Thanks for sharing!!!  - john