Knee replacement therapy.

Started by gstours, February 18, 2022, 06:04:15 AM

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A few more,   There's more pink and fuschia colors in this batch as I use up the materials that have sat there waiting for so long.   The pink salmon seem to be fond of these.   They are the smallest of the salmon and are the first to migrate to fresh water.   Sockeye are the next largest species and feed on plankton and krill primarily and not plentiful where I fish.   Generally sockeye are harvested by gill nets. 


These are the last of the therapy flys.   It's been a waiting period for me to resume my other activity's and return 🏡.  I,m not a great fly fisherman but don't mind standing in the water if my boots are dry.    Now I feel like I can add some new footage eventually,  if the boat floats and the low tide smells musty.
  Even though this isn't a fly fishing forum, people have been kind and considerate knowing my drivel will fade away harmlessly.   
   My special appreciation is forwarded to the people that made this forum useful and easier to use, adding photos now is a breeze.    Thanks again for your interest.  :d   Gs.


Thanks Gary, they look great, the circle around the eyes, do  you have a colour preferance, ie light blue or yellow and so on, cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat


Mr D.  I don't have any preference really,  the eye 👁 may not be needed.
   There's a controversy on this topic.   I say do what you wanna do.   Gs.