Daiwa BG MQ 3000D-XH information

Started by Joao Tavares, June 20, 2022, 03:13:06 AM

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Joao Tavares

Hello all.

Looking for a smaller and lighter spinning reel for popping, jigging and lure casting came across the above mentioned reel that seems to tick all the boxes. The Monocoque Aluminium body, supposed to add rigidity to the frame seems to be a plus.

However, looking at the reviews section I found the following comment:

3.0 out of 5 stars No self service without special tool
Reviewed in the United States on 1 July 2021
Size Name: 4000D-XH Verified Purchase
Very nice quality. Love the new one piece body but cannot open it to service without special tool. Contested Daiwa and they won't sell me one have to pay to mail in to service. Returned for that reason.

I have grown accustomed to servicing all my reels, thanks to the Ohana family, especially the master, Alan.

Should this be a big red light preventing me from buying it, or can I get that "special" tool elsewhere?

Thank you


I mean I wouldn't get one because you're paying double the cost of a normal BG to get a normal BG with mag sealed bearings. For that price you could buy a BG and 12 sets of spare bearings, not have to custom make your own case opening tool like oldmanjoe did (I'll link the thread if I find it) and be good forever.

But yeah I snuck in the mention there that the tool can be made, but if you're the type that can service your own gear (clearly yes) then you're better off just buying a normal BG.
Any machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.



otherwise, X2 on boycotting anything anti-DIY,
like mag-seals & "antitheft" sideplates


I bought a 3000 size bg mq many months ago. It was a whim thing cause I'm very anti spinning tackle. But it was so incredibly smooth. Being spinning ignorant I started looking for maintenance videos etc.  First fun fact was it had a white metal gear. Then I needed the tool. I called Daiwa who has always been bent over backwards to please me. No tool available to customers, only to regional service centers.....but they'd be pleased to service it if ever it needs. I hadn't used it yet. I took all this as a sign from God that my long held belief that casting is superior in every way, was right. I returned it for a Tatula Coastal casting reel. I have since bought a Daiwa Procyon spinner. Very impressed. All metal. Better gear. Self service. It will suffice for the two times a year I half heartedly give spinning a chance.

Joao Tavares

I am very lucky I asked the Ohana family before I committed to buying that reel.

Now my doubt is between the BG 3000 or the 4000. I'd like to use for popping, casting lures and light jigging.

Plan on filling it with 50lbs J-braid.



I have a 4000 and wish I'd gotten a 4500 because I think that size and up comes with the backup anti reverse, and I'm consistently using mine like it's a larger reel. But that's just me.

There's also a 3500 size. What's best for you depends on how you intend to fish it and what you intend to target. More info would let us give you better advice.
Any machine is a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.


I'd think 3000 better suited for 30# braid, maybe 40# -- for 50#, I'd lean toward 4000
and if 4500 is the smallest size w/ backup A/R, it's definitely worth a look, despite likely price-bump
(IMO, an added significant "big game" feature, is money better-spent than magseal BB's)

Joao Tavares

Thank you for all the inputs.

Price wise the difference between a 3000 and a 4000 is 10€ and between the 4000 and a 4500 is 5€, not really a factor.

I like the smallish size and lightness of the 3000 at 315grams (10.8oz) but I am afraid the drag number is a bit low. The 4500 has the advantage of a stronger drag 10Kg (22oz) instead of 7Kg (15,4oz).

All taken into account, I guess I'll go for the 4500.