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Kodiak jig copy’s

Started by gstours, July 31, 2022, 04:45:35 PM

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Here's a few more I've never fished yet.  12-19 oz.  That's a lot of grams.
  Some of my friends do well with this design.   I,m interested in finding out what is so special with this design.   I think 🤔 my fish is waiting.


Gorgeous jigs, Gary!   If I were a fish, I'd it eat it.

Joao Tavares

Hi Gary

These are the kind of jigs that might suit our waters here with 2-3kts currents fishing at 300-1000ft.

How do you fish them?



We fish these jig on or near the bottom.  Using a piece of herring, squid, or other small fish for some scent.   People say less is more,   Butt maybe notta?
  It's an Alaskan product,  and fairly inexpensive.  Easy to copy.  But not original my buddy would say.