torium 50 and trinidad 40/50 dog and spring upgrade

Started by alantani, February 12, 2012, 06:01:22 AM

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Bryan Young

Yes, the dc spring and pawl. I have yet to dremel. I think I differs based on year.
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


Quote from: alantani on February 12, 2012, 06:01:22 AM
torium 50 and trinidad 40/50 dog and spring upgrade

we've been upgrading trinidad and torium 16's, 20's and 30's for quite a while.  great reels.  you all know the mantra.  grease on all the screws, grease on all the non-exposed metal surfaces, spool bearings opened, cleaned and lubed with tsi 301, non-spool beaings packed with grease, carbontex drag upgrgades with cal's grease, a drop in upgrade to to the trinidad DC pawl (TGT 1303) and pawl spring (TGT 1304), and a oversized handle grip.  we have also been upgrading the trinidad and torium 40's and 50's in the same way.  the dog and spring upgrade is just a little different, so i thought i's better go over it.  

if you want to do the upgrade the same way we do, then start by googling tsi 301 and then order some directly from the company.  then order up a carbontex drag set and some cal's grease from  if you don't want the spend the extra money for the tsi 301, just order a vial of reel x at the same time you are ordering up the drags and grease.  then call shimano at 877-577-0600 and order up a single pawl and spring set for the trinidad/torium 16/20/30 or a pair of pawls and springs for the trinidad 40/50.  get your tools and do a quick review of the rebuild post and the schematic for the reel

ok, now for the double dog system.  here is the bare frame for the torium 50 (key #1105).  

see that small ridge between the post supporting the pawl and the post for the screw?  

there are two on both sides.  

now look at what happens when you lay a pawl spring down on top of the post. yup, it won't lay flat.  and if you try to put a pawl on top of it, the pawl will bind.

ok, out comes the dremel.

grab your safety goggles and let's get to work.  

ok, that was quick and easy.  see the cut marks?

ok, now for the springs.  we are going to have to bend one of them.  now, when you get these springs, they will both look like the one on the left.  what you have to do with one of the springs is grab the curled tail and open it up until it looks like the one on the right, then cut off the curled tail.  

see how the curled tail was cut off the spring on the left?  

here is what the unbent spring looks like when it is in place.  this is the same for the trinidad/torium 16/20/30's.

here is the spring that is bent open and cut.  

lay the pawls in next.  note that the end of the spring that is bent "up" lays against the "outside" of the pawl.

install the anti-reverse pawl keepers (key# TGT 544) and screws (key# TGT305).

install the anti-reverse ratchet (key# TGT448).  

follow the tutorial on this board or on mine to reassemble the rest of the reel.  

just a note.  these reels will now be noisy as hell, but you will never have to worry about the handle going knuckle buster on you, even if the anti-reverse roller bearing fails.  i just don't have enough confidence in those ambassaduer-style dogs.  good hunting, gentlemen!

thanks for the help in getting me the parts from bryan... just checking, you do the exact same steps listed here to the Trinidad 50 right?  same parts and same process?  a friend of mine wants me to do his trinidad 50's. 

Bryan Young

Aloha Andrew,

Yes, same process for Toriums and Trinidad's, if necessary. Some reels you don't need to cut down the ridges between the screw posts and AR pawl post.  It's test fit before I start cutting. Call or post up any questions with photos if you need help.

Aloha, Bryan
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


So, I just got a Trinidad 40 and luckily I still had my last two unobtanium DC springs and dogs, so, I said, go for it and switched stock dogs for the clicking dog upgrade, regularly Im good to follow instructions but this time I did a mess with the left side spring for the dog, daaang !!! part of the spring broke on me while trying to bend it and do what Alan did with the spring, so after that I practically rescue the leftover spring make that dog to work, at the end it worked good, I dont think it will fail because the plate that secures the dog set everything in place and feels solid, maybe I wont notice if it fails because the other dog is working perfectly, the left side dog with the modified spring has bigger pressure and it clicks louder than the other one but its UGLY as hell hahaha.

sooooo, today while I was looking for this thread to post my ugly modified spring I FOUND OUT that our sensei Alan just found a better way to install the left side dog with the stock DC spring without any modification a with just two small cuts on the set plate

to bad I didnt saw that other thread and instructions BEFORE I tried to modified the Trinidad DC spring, anyway, for now I will be using the reel as is, pretty sure it will work good but if I happen to get another spring I will mod the set plate as Alan did in the 2nd and better way to install it.

the clicking sound of both dogs working alternatively on the reel are pretty loud compared to the sound of one clicking dog of the trinidad 30DC or the trinidad 16 gold with the upgraded dog/spring, both dogs sound as loud as a clicker on some reels, rrrrtt rrrrt   ::) ::) :P

two DC dogs on the trini 40 .......... Done
fix the screw on the handle .......... pending
upgrade to carbontex .................. Pending
install new ARB bearing and tube... Pending
The Baja Guy