Happy Birthday Big Tim!

Started by pjstevko, December 31, 2022, 06:12:16 PM

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Today is Big Tim's birthday so I wanted to say Happy Birthday to my friend! I miss him and will be eternally grateful to him for introducing me to this group.

It was 6 years ago yesterday that I first met Tim when he invited me to fish with him and JT aboard the Endeavor on NYE 2016. I met Tim and JT at the clubhouse and we cooked up a huge dinner and chatted well into the night.  Even though we'd never met before he made me feel so welcome it felt like I'd known him my whole life. The next day I got to chat with JT a bunch and got to know him a little as he had spent the night at his hotel.  Little did I know that trip would forge a lifelong friendship. I love you Tim and JT!

Here's a link to the trip report from that fateful trip!




Oftentimes, it is the seemingly small connections that we make in obscure ways —- that change our lives forever, going forward.

Best Always, Fred
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"Enjoy the little things in Life — For someday, you may look back — and realize that they were the big things"
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Ah @&+$## !!!, I totally missed the posting about his passing in November!

Part of the fun of past SOA charters was the entertainment provided by Tim, Ed, Wes, and Warren talking smack about each other after tossing back a few drinks (well, usually it was more than a "few").

***SIGH*** Was hoping that I'd shared the rail again and maybe see him pull up a big BFT on the 100lb Okuma rod I gifted him a few years back...

...Happy Birthday Brother Tim.


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Sure did! ...Happy Birthday Big Tim.
RIP our fishy friend,

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Gone but not forgotten...Dominick
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I never met Tim, but I knew him thru AT.com.  Special guy.
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A little late to the party but still glad I'm here .
Many a years end  I fished with my good friend Timmy . His birthday always fell at the end of The Rock fishing season in California.
 We shared so many things good and bad .
The New Year's Eve that Tim and I and PJ fished together for the first was a rough patch for me , little did I know the times spent with Timmy would be so short . PJ became an honorary member of The Wrecking Crew on that weekend and a new friendship and fishing partner were added .
Much love for my good friend Tim and my brother PJ .
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