Avet hxj 2speed raptor issue

Started by BobberMe, January 30, 2023, 08:14:55 AM

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Hello, i've been lurking this forum for a couple months and i have to say that i've gained a plethora of knowledge from you guys and for that, thank you much. I just recently purchased a couple raptors and after numerous hours of reading, i finally built up the courage to fully tear down and reassemble the reels. Theres nothing like buying a brand new $500 reel and disassembling it before a single use. I stuck with 321 on spool bearings without shields, repacked all other bearings with yamaha marine grease except the pinion bearing because I couldnt get it out. Cals on drag washer (the dark side, lol alan) Applied corrosion x where needed along with the grease.

For all hxj raptor owners:

I noticed when tearing down the handle assembly, the 2 speed knob cover + 2 screws were loose. If i " lightly snug down" the two screws, i cannot engage low speed and the release lever completely locks up. To be honest I might've distorted the arm release spring, #42 on schematic. The cover currently has a bit of play in it and its driving me nuts because i feel as if the screws will eventually fall out while tugging on fish. Has anyone experienced this issue? My mxj raptor doesn't have this problem.

I'm not experiencing any issues with drag output, but has anyone with a raptor opted to reorient their belleville washers away from how avet has them on their schematics?

Lastly, can anyone confirm if the Hxj rap has 3 thrust washers? #19 on the schematic.. the diagram only shows 1 washer, but my reel has 3 and im wondering if all of them stack on top of each other.


The over tightening of the screws you mentioned is typical of many reels. Especially the Shimano TLD reels. But the Avet is not one of them,

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i've seen a few avets with shift levers that got stuck with the screws tightened down.  a little filing took care of that problem, but backing off the screws a quarter turn worked as well.  maybe pull the handle off, reset everything and see it it stops binding.  it might be a spacing issue somewhere. 

stick with the bellevilles the way they were.  you should get plenty of drag, but check the drag to make sure. 

for the thrust washers, stick with what came stock.  there will be some variation from the factory. 

please let us know how it works out.  thanks!  alan
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I have had issues with shifting when the cover is tightened down, it was caused by a bent shift lever.  A bent spring might also cause it.

On washers (item 19), they are actually shim washers but the schematic calls them thrust washers and adjust the clearance between the Inter Brake Disk (item 21) and the Brake Pad (item 23). You cal play around with the number of washers to get minimum clearance or leave them like you found them.
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