Moving East what tackle will transition?

Started by JRD, May 21, 2023, 12:58:56 AM

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In January I will be retiring to South Carolina Or Northern Georgia.  I will be fishing out of Private Boats around the Charleston area mostly inshore. My friends in the area are fishing spinners and not familiar with West Coast offshore and coastal styles so that's what they recommend. I'm honestly wondering if there are uses for my modded jiggys and senators?  I'm keeping my bass gear and squidders. But thinking of letting some medium stuff go.  I've got a full set of Saragoss's and a few twin powers so I'm set on spinners.  Any real world experience?


They worked on one coast, they will work on the other. Use what you are familiar with. Why be like everybody else. Wait until you have fished there awhile, then make a decision.

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Quote from: day0ne on May 21, 2023, 01:38:01 AMWait until you have fished there awhile, then make a decision.

X2...  reels don't go bad just sittin' & you don't gotta feed 'em


X3.  Take it all with you and you won't regret not having it.  Enjoy retirement and keep us posted.
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Fishing private boats probably won't matter what you use.   East coast you definitely see more spinners but fish what works for you.   There is still plenty of conventional use out East.  The biggest difference I've seen and it won't be a problem fishing your own boat, the East coast party boats will for the most part,  not allow any braid (and I mean any)
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Thanks guys. There will be some stuff I will get rid of since they are duplicates or even triplicates. But we will see as the day gets closer since I've still got the summer / fall season to go. 


Use the good gear, you might teach them something.
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You're in the depth of the South Atlantic Bight.  The Gulf Stream and pelagics are far, far away.  Don't throw the stuff out, but there are better opportunities using light tavkle inshore.  The area's strong points are the large estyaries.


Keep it all 'til you figure it out. That's not overly far from where I fish (Southern NC south to offshore of SC). Inshore is mainly spinners, yes, for throwing lighter lures. Nearshore jiggys work fine for kings, Spanish and cobia, and Senators are always useful for bottom bouncing, sharking and certainly caught fish trolling for a long time prior to lever drags. A Cortez 4/0 on an original Sabre always goes out grouper fishing with me, and that's Left Coast if there is one. Jiggys also fine on nearshore bottom fishing for snapper, etc.

Also- if you have Tady, Salas etc., bring them! I'm starting to use them and I think they def have a spot in certain situations.



East coast inshore fishing is just about all I do, though I'm trying to expand my horizons. Those jigmasters are still good for inshore sharks and big reds etc. And frankly you'll never get back what you paid for them, or, conversely be able to replace them for anything near what you paid for them. So while I understand the desire to sell them in a region where people use them as the most likely way to get the best rate for them, you'll kick yourself later.
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Quote from: JasonGotaProblem on May 21, 2023, 12:23:19 PMAnd frankly you'll never get back what you paid for them, or, conversely be able to replace them for anything near what you paid for them.

That's the truth for sure.  I have this habit, definitely enabled by the great people here, of taking a $40 reel and throwing $300 worth of upgrades on it!  I don't just have Penn's I have Ted Keta Alan Tom Adam Chad Randy Bryan and the other Alan Penns!


In my kit generally nothing smaller than a Mitch 301 (lefty here) or bigger than any 50 class, except if you want to go to the 130 and play "Wicked Tuna".  If you're going to be doing a lot of trolling the old red/maroon Senators are tough to beat.  Spinners do rule the beaches, bridges and docks here, pretty much like anywhere else, but not so much if you're afloat.
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Personally,  I think that your conventional gear will work better if they will let you use the rail. If not, then there will likely be no advantage.  They could learn alot from you.
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